8 Photos - May 11, 2011
Photo: Dragon Wing – emotional pipe inspired by the metalic dragon on the monumental gateway to Finca Güell, which offers the biggest impresion of touch from the whole colection.Photo: Portic – the well-balanced bent inspired by monumental profile of Sagrada Familia, whose distinction is cool-smoke and well-balanced and monumental form.Photo: Passion – expresive and cubik relieving of motives involved in the collection is the variation of Sagrada Familia facing.Photo: Convent – the perspektive of parabolic dome in the hall of Colegio Teresiano is exposed in Strait Grainu of this pipe.Photo: Duet – doble-model inspired by pieces of Gaudí’s interior. The pipe-curves are formed with the same spirit.Photo: Balco Batlló – this pipe evoke one detail of the marvelous facing of Casa Batlló.Photo: Pinacle – the discreet bow of the portal Palacio Güell creates basic form and grain of wood evoke the gentle design of beaten grate.Photo: