69 Photos - Nov 8, 2014
Photo: Andreas writing in the White Admiral guest book in a cabin that really needs tidying upPhoto: Rowing Andreas ashore in Falmouth.Photo: Andreas is made welcome by the conductor for a long train journey to London.Photo: Falmouth from our mooring as the weather improved.Photo: Traditional gaff-riggers in a Sunday regatta in Falmouth.Photo: Diana has finished the rehersing for the play for Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August and has come down from Scotland and we have a long evening walk along the outer shorePhoto: Admiral and navigator is back! And we are on our way from Falmouth to PortsmouthPhoto: A lot of traffic in the Channel, whatch out for the small trawlers!Photo: Passing inside the Needles of the west end of Isle of White as as we enter the Solent water-waysPhoto: Arriving in Chiswick, London on Elisabeth's birthday on 9th July!
Diana, Stein, Hugh, Soren and Elisabeth.Photo: Happy birthday, Elisabeth! With Diana and LiliPhoto: Soren seems pleased with the T-shirt from Faial, Azores!Photo: Meeting Finn as he finishes school.Photo: Robert has come to crew with us across the North Sea!Photo: Leaving GosportPhoto: Enormous, spooky wind generators in 40-50 m depth of sea in the Thames EstuaryPhoto: Wind has picked up from behind and we only have the genoa up the final day.Photo: Oksøy light house and behind: Kristiansand!Photo: Kristiansand just ahead on July 15th and and it is our 46 year Wedding Anniversary! (Oksøy light house seen behind)Photo: Among those welcoming us back were Tonje and Oscar.Photo: Robert, Selle Marie, Anne and BjørnPhoto: Bjørn, Annelise and Knut (and a large 'kringle' baked by Anne). And bubbly drinks brought by nearly everybody!Photo: Cousin Stein 'Buster* and Knut and Anne took us out to 'Mother India'Photo: Late at night and all is quiet, but the sun is still up. The Nordic summer nights can be long and beautiful. Good be back!Photo: Fædrelandsvennen was also there to welcome us and this is their front page on 16th JulyPhoto: And a big and a bit exaggerated spread inside: "Finally at home - after a life on the sea"!Photo: Karin Sand and sister Selle Marie were back the next dayPhoto: More old friends: Anne Holst Torgersen and Arne TagPhoto: GunSkoglund-Voss, Andreas Hall Torgersen and Gro Tag, "kringle" and strawberries.Photo: Frode, our fathful crew from many long sails brought his son-in-law Nils and wife SusannePhoto: and Helene Fischer who we had so much fun with when she sailed with us in Los Roques, Venezuela with her parents and two brothers.Photo: Moored along the cliff outside the narrow entrance to Tonje and Martin's cottage in Frillestadkilen. (Gamle Hellesund is only a little further west.)Photo: Tonje and Martin bought this cottage a few months after we sold ours on Veierland (an island). Here inside Frillestadkilen they are a short drive to Kristiansand where Tonje grew up and where we also lived from 1982 to 2009. Being on the main-land also means the cottage is easily accessible by car and bike (Martin is a keen biker) - at least in the summer.Photo: First dinner together for a long time. Salmon and prawns and salad!
Tonje, Oscar, Martin and Diana.Photo: Soren loves his food, too!Photo: The boss in action!Photo: The view from the front terrace.Photo: Boat trip the next day to watch a kayak racePhoto: Morning trip in Sondre's kayak - but not in shape for a race yet.Photo: Quick trip home by road to check the apartment and visit work (for Stein). Dinner outside with Robert and Diana.Photo: Back in Høvåg Elisabeth & Co have arrived from Chiswick, London: Finn, Soren, Oscar, Tonje and Elisabeth.Photo: Martin is grill chef!Photo: This is what life is really about: Diana, Soren, Finn, Martin, Oscar, Tonje, Hugh and Elisabeth enjoying being together.Photo: Even bigger crowd together on White Admiral. Here are some of them: Elisabeth, Sondre (Tonje's brother with Oscar and Milla) and Robert.Photo: Celebrating Robert's birthday 22nd July with lots of family in the cockpit.Photo: That was a good party! Martin taking his lot back to their cottage.And tomorrow we are off to Dyreparken! (Robert has borrowed  Soren's Captain Sabeltann hat.)Photo: Dyreparken/Fritidsparken has many attractions. This is from Kardemomme by (town)Photo: Tømmerrenna at full speed! Big splash coming up!Photo: Karin's picturesque summer cottage is set among the coastal rocks 40 m from the sea.Photo: This is just down from her cottage. Sondre at the helm.Photo: Breakfast with Jorunn and Kåre Høyvik who let us tie up on their property.Photo: After a big lunch on board in Lillesand harbour Susanne and Frode sail with us to their house on Tromøya. Lillesand in the background.Photo: Lots of islands, rocks and shallows, but also lots of markers. Diana and Anne are doing the look-out. Near Homborsund.Photo: Frode at the helm. This type of navigational marker is known as a baake.Photo: In the Tromøya sound and getting close to Rørendal. Susanne and Anne.Photo: And late dinner for the crew after we are safely tied up in Rørendal.Photo: Safe in Rørendal for three weeks with Frode's boat along side.Photo: Hedda and Johan are crewing with us as we leave Rørendalsbukta.Photo: Not great weather, but great kids!Photo: Weather is improving as we come ashore for an evening walk in JomfrulandPhoto: Next day anchored in Krikakilen, Veierland where we had a cottage from 1956-2013.Photo: Evening swim!Photo: Evening walk and Johan on a hayball.Photo: Dinner-time! Our old cottage now painted grey in the background. Many trees have been cut and the boat-house repaired.Photo: Met this recently built Oseberg viking ship replica on the way northPhoto: Finally tied up at Engersand with our apartment in the background.Photo: 24th September Per Skaug and I motor-sailed White Admiral from Engersand to Tofte for winter storage.Photo: And next day Sigmund Stokke and his mobile crane lifts her up and swings her across the road!Photo: Safely ashore for the winter. Thank you, White Admiral, you may be an elderly lady now with some signs of age, but you still have carried us safely from coast to coast and harbour to harbour now for many, many years.