12 Photos - May 16, 2014
Photo: Photo: Photo: I always use the "french roaster" for this, keeps the liquid in. Sliced onion in the bottom, lamb on top. Combine lemon juice, honey, thyme and butter, spread over the lamb. 150ºC for 4+ hoursPhoto: Then go off with the family and collect some wild garlic :-)Photo: Watch a bit of TV ... meanwhile the lamb has that all important 20 minute rest.Photo: Nicely caramelised, all too easy to burn when using honey. Special jug helps to separate out the fat from the delicious juices.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Served with a bulgur wheat, cucumber, tomato, mint and wild garlic salad. Blends with the juices from the tender lamb.Photo: Finish with a pear!