22 Photos - Sep 24, 2012
Photo: Ian climbing the 1st climb of the afternoon while Jim is perched at the top belaying.Photo: Photo: Pretty day for some climbing.Photo: Photo: Sylvia giving the start of a face climb a go.Photo: Brooding.Photo: =)Photo: Ian scoping out the 2nd last climb of the day that he will lead.Photo: The trees were great gear racks. But no, our rope did not break the tree in the background. Some kids thought it would be fun to climb trees and try to bend them, but only ended up breaking them.Photo: Flaking out the rope for the climb.Photo: Photo: This is actually a shot of Ian taking his first trad lead fall. Weeeee!Photo: His giant shadow is following him.Photo: Chilling out at the top of the climb. He's getting ready to shimmy over to a climb on the right to set up a top rope.Photo: Photo: Photo: Jim climbing in his Stetson hat.Photo: Photo: Photo: Ian being silly behind the rock.Photo: Photo: Ian's hands got a bit battered up from the day's crack climbing.