78 Photos - Aug 26, 2012
Photo: Star gazingPhoto: The Milky WayPhoto: Another Milky Way shotPhoto: What an airplane looks like when taking a photo with a long exposure.Photo: Star gazing.Photo: Photo: Our tents at night.Photo: Kite Lake in the morning.Photo: All bundled up!Photo: Photo: We had a pretty great parking spot.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Remnants of mining activity from back in the day.Photo: R. looks super happy here. Obviously we are not very far into our hike yet.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We didn't have to get up very high before being able to see all of Kite Lake.Photo: Photo: This is what my face looks like when I apply sunscreen, apparently.Photo: Do you see the man and the toddler in the background? If they can do it, then I can do it! I swear, the kid wasn't more than 4 years old.Photo: I sat down a lot along the way. Sitting made me happy.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: R. is counting the peaks we ascend. #1 is Democrat. We forgot to bring Obama's photo. Sorry Cat!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We are on our way over to Cameron here. You can see the trail we took coming down Democrat in the background.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Peak #2: CameronPhoto: Photo: Photo: Mt. Lincoln is the peak you see here.Photo: Photo: Ian looks like such a tourist.Photo: Photo: Ian is photobombing R.'s shot of Mt. Lincoln. We are on Cameron here.Photo: When I turned the corner at the top of the red peak before Lincoln, I thought I was already at Lincoln. It was the most disappointing moment of my day.Photo: Photo: Ascending to the peak of Lincoln.Photo: I look like I'm on the moon or something.Photo: Someone at some point took a piece of scrap wood and made plaques for each peak. It was handy for our photo ops as we forgot to make our own signs. =)Photo: An abandoned mine shaft.Photo: A U.S. Coast & Geodetics Survey plaque on Mt. Lincoln.Photo: A USGS marker for North.Photo: Peak #3: Lincoln.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The only form of plant life we saw on the mountain were these plants.Photo: It looks like a type of succulent to me.Photo: If you look close enough, you can see the faint line the trail makes in the mountain side.Photo: Photo: All downhill from now! Except little did I know how brutal of a descent it would be.Photo: Photo: Mt. DemocratPhoto: Mt. Democrat & Cameron on the right.Photo: And so the butt-kicking descent begins.Photo: This looks easier than it was to hike down. It was loose dirt and rocks nearly the whole way down.Photo: You can see the switchbacks used by mining vehicles from back in the day.Photo: Our descent.Photo: Photo: Some rocky goodness.Photo: Did we get enough photos to illustrate how awful the descent was?Photo: We are nearly out of the loose rocky part. It brings a slight smile to my face.Photo: Hallelujah! We are soooo close now! A pretty waterfall to reward us after the ridiculous rocky part of our descent.Photo: I'm pretty sure this is where I started jogging towards the end.Photo: