57 Photos - Oct 8, 2015
Photo: Welcome in Evanston, near ChicagoPhoto: Photo: Special THANKS to Kristin Brown, Special officer at Rotary International for her Invitation  and all Support during our visit in Evenston.Photo: By the way this was my impuls to Forward RI President the Alpine Cycling Jersey as a personal gift......
Ravi was on his way for Business reason in Germany, visited a Rotary Club, wasn´t realiced as Int. Rotary President and nobody welcomed him in English - Unwelcome???? Not at all!!!! --Reported inside the German Rotary MagazinPhoto: Reception 18th floor at RI President´Office with Ravi Ravindran, Signing the presented "Alpine Cycling Jersey. Thanks to Kristin Brown, for her Support Meeting the Rotary International Heads.Photo: He followed the idea to sign it.......Photo: For a Polio-Fundraising idea at one of the Fellowship events....Photo: Thanks for the presidental Response to our Meeting in Evenston and looking Forward the Response from Far EAST - SEOULPhoto: Welcome at John Hewko`Office - everyone is Aware: there is a cycling Enthusiast working day and night....Photo: John was happy to sign the Jersey as well for the good DEALPhoto: Keep on padelllllllling !!!
- John Hewko is  also signing the cycling jerseyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Presenting the signed Alpine Style Cycling Jersey in front of the International Rotary FlagsPhoto: To "BANG" this bell will be heard all over the Rotary World!!Photo: Beliefe it or not: The FCS Banner is present for everbody in the Offices of RI.Photo: Meeting with Zuhal Sharp, responsible for the Rotary Fellowships. Great to know her - THANKS for her permanent Support to the FS.Photo: Great to see the German Governor Cycling Initiative 2014 for End Polio Now! Also inside the RI presentations at Evanston.Photo: Greeting Paul Harris in Front of Room 711 groundfloor RI HeadquarterPhoto: Photo: The reconstructed Mining Company Office of Gustav Loehr, one of the fellows of Paul Harris in the early 19th - Founders of RotaryPhoto: Reconstruction of Gustav Loehr´s officePhoto: "Smelling" the original Rotary SpiritPhoto: Photo: A Motto - Never the less also important now a daysPhoto: Photo: Photo: Driving up to Paul Harris original homePhoto: Driveway up to his pituresque housePhoto: Photo: Photo: Speziell DANKE an Andrea Lühmann and Dave from the www.paulharrishome.org
Foundation. They invited us to visit the original Home of Jean and Paul Harris.Photo: Photo: FRONT of the original Paul Harris HOME - Garden with trees from all over the world....Photo: Frontside with a asiatic Icon from former timesPhoto: Backside of the building with driveway stage for disabled visitorsPhoto: Front Entrance - Original Tiles on ground and wallsPhoto: View into the Meeting room with garden viewPhoto: Lot of Rotary Ideas have been Born in this Meeting room.Photo: Part of Paul Harris living roomPhoto: Momorables celebration of 60th aniversary of Rotary 1965Photo: Planting Trees - one of the traditional initiatives of Rotary from the early days on todayPhoto: Jean and Paul Harris garden in the early daysPhoto: Thanks for bringing us to Mount Hope....Photo: Entering the graveyard of Rotary Founder Paul Harris with the Rotary MemorialPhoto: Respecting the visiting guests with their FlagsPhoto: Head of the Rotarians supporting the PH-Rotary Memorial: IRV KAPLAN - a real Rotary CharacterPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: THANKS to IRV KAPLAN for his very Special welcomePhoto: Just 200m away the resting place of the Founder of LIONS, Melvin Jones....... He copied our Organisation -  (Irv Kaplan)