115 Photos - Sep 8, 2015
Photo: Photo: Welcome to the Sardenia DelegationPhoto: Meinhard and Monica Huber from Perg/AustriaPhoto: Hans Dieter Zweckel and his spouse SusannePhoto: Arnou, most famous voice in France. One of the Highlights during the opening evening at the garden of the Imperator Hotel.Photo: Merci to Frederic Moline, Head of the orga-TEAM in NimesPhoto: Photo: Anne Moline with friends.Photo: Unique..... one of the Provence Rotary Presidents performing Chansons together with her ClubmembersPhoto: Nimes Antic monuments presenting rich historyPhoto: nearly unbeliveable: full moon during this Cycling Championship Weekend....Photo: race course around the Nimes Stadion des CostieresPhoto: All Preparations are perfect Ready to Start the races.Photo: Photo: Proud Italians: Enrico Guida finished first in the AC -45YPhoto: The spanish GROOPPhoto: Gold: Enrico Guida, Italy
Silver: Antonio Ferrer, Espania
Bronce: Eric Mertens, FrancePhoto: Photo: Photo: AC -54Y high Speed and fair competitionPhoto: Photo: Johannes Neff, later on with the 5th rankPhoto: Photo: Jean Luc Berger on his way to the final lapPhoto: Photo: Photo: Gold: Paul Heylen, Belgium
Silver: Danny Hellinckx, Belgium
Bronce: Peter Maris, BelgiumPhoto: All medals to BelgiumPhoto: Photo: Claudia Kranen, WC on her way to the startinglinePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: IN the HEAT of the RACE.... Mauro from Sardegna and Vincent from the NetherlandsPhoto: Ralf Wittenberg, former Champion, this year not the winner after a Crash 3 weeks before the Championships - But THANKS to him for his participation.Photo: Last PUSH for the last lap....Photo: Photo: Fair Sportsmen: After the finishline: Thomas Dommermuth as Champion and Vincent Haaker from Amsterdam as second rankPhoto: Photo: Photo: Gold: Thomas Dommermuth, Germany
Silver: Vincent Haaker, The Netherlands
Bronce: Mauro Fancello, Sardegna/ItalyPhoto: Photo: Gratulation from the former Champion Ralf Wittenber as 6. rank to his TEAM mate Thomas DommermuthPhoto: Photo: World-Champs together: Paul Heylen and Thomas DommermuthPhoto: The Luxembourg TEAM - next year Championship Organisator. USCH as captain.Photo: The audience in the shadow under the treen along the circuitPhoto: Frederic Moline, Happy Organisator, that everything is on track and perfect....Photo: Ready for the last race.... Ladies and Seniors, but the ladies are in the first row...Photo: Photo: Jaap Nagtegaal together with Usch Biewer on the circuit...Photo: Ladies Race together with the AK 4Photo: Gold: Claudia Kranen, The Netherlands
Silber: Hilde Spitz, Belgium
Bronce: Claudine Colomb, FrancePhoto: Photo: Gold: Robert Hoebekke, Belgium
Silver: Franco Foppa, Italia
Bronce: Pierre Courtel, FrancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Welcome at the Gala Evening George Keller, Past President FCS and Frederic Moline, Organisator in NimesPhoto: Happy that the 31st Rotary World cycling Championships are a perfect Event. The Luxembourg Delegation.Photo: Carmarque Dining, great GALA evening with in a unique ambience of the wineyard....Photo: 4 Governors attended our Gala evening....Photo: German and Austrian TablePhoto: Photo: Niko Endres, int. President speaking to the Gala Evening Audience......Photo: Surprising: PHF +1Saphier for George Keller, FCS President 2003-2009, presented by Governor Yves Kerkhoeve/France and Frederic Moline.Photo: Emotional MERCI from George.Photo: Ives van Kerkhove, Governor of the Nimes District.Photo: Usch inviting to the 2016 Rotary World cycling Championships.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Changing Fanions World Champion Thomas Dommermuth with Frederic MolinePhoto: World Champions Lifestyle.....Photo: Original Dutch Guests from Italy. Great to have you in NImes...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: World Championessa Claudia Kranen from NLPhoto: Ralf Wittenberg from Bochum/GermanyPhoto: Dieter Zweckel from GermanyPhoto: Merci to Frederic Moline for his great Support to the Fellowship in organizin the World Championships 2015Photo: Thanks to the German Edition of the Rotary Magazin for the Report later in in OctoberPhoto: Merci to the Franch medias for accompaning our ChampionshipsPhoto: MERCI to the doctors in the NIMES University Hospital for their competent First AID to Mauro.Photo: impressions from Carmarque: FlamingosPhoto: Photo: Way home after a week in South of France Bay of MontpellierPhoto: The French Alpes are still or yet White topped...Photo: winter is still in the central alpes.....Photo: Impressions from a interesting week from Carmarque to Provence...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: about 1000 years - restored BELLS in Aix en ProvencePhoto: Photo: Photo: Old Masters - great MuseumsPhoto: Liz Taylor..... by Andy Warhol - Exibition American Idols in the Aix MuseumPhoto: Huiles, Oysters..... Blanc..... Enjoyful when freshPhoto: Photo: Every Step history in AixPhoto: Every cyclist´s Nightmare......Photo: Photo: Photo: Pont du Gare - most famous Antic Roman AquaductPhoto: Avignon Palace of the PopesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Historic Bridge with chapelle St. Nicolas - Avignon