5 Photos - Apr 22, 2014
Photo: One task we do during trail maintenance is touching up trail blazes. A blaze on the North Country Trail is a 2 by 6 inch rectangle of boundary blue paint. This is a paint that is meant to be used outdoors and it has a tendency to get to places you wouldn't expect rather easily. Willow found herself in the path of the paint.Photo: This is just the start of an all night storm. The hail has come and gone but really serious weather is still to come including very heavy rain and winds that would blow easily around 60MPH.Photo: Good morning It's too bad I don't have a before photo but if I did you would not see the tree laying on the ground behind me. This is just one of many trees that came down during the night. While John and Andy slept on Elwira and I explored around our immediate vicinity and found quite a bit of downed trees as well as big areas of flooding.Photo: It has gone down somewhat from when I first saw the flooding but the water has dropped somewhat in the couple hours since I first saw it.Photo: Two rather nice cedar trees grew to the right of the bridge but weren't able to survive the storm that ravaged the area. We spent about half an hour removing the trees and checking on the recently installed puncheon beyond the bridge (several hundred feet of it) and this was the worst destruction we found.