29 Photos - Jun 2, 2013
Photo: Photo: I do not think I have ever seen snow near Sand Point at this time of year.Photo: Miners River must be fully of tannic acid. This reddish color is truly stunning.Photo: Photo: Little Miners Falls is a fine place to take a break no matter which direction you are hiking.Photo: Grand Portal Arch.Photo: Photo: We found patches of snow Photo: We actually had a bit more color sometimes with this sunset at Beaver Creek.Photo: Photo: Looking towards The Logslide from just below the lens room of Au Sable Light Station. I believe this lighthouse is 87 feet tall and the lens shines about 110 feet above Lake Superior (thought I may have heard the ranger say 130 but other information suggests less). Photo: The Au Sable Light Station at sunset.Photo: Doug was in a hurry to leave our last campsite at Au Sable East. This was what he was hurrying for: a good snooze at The Logslide.Photo: Photo: If I could have changed to shorts I would have. Everyone else did but I don't have zip off pants. Our final day was certainly our warmest.Photo: Photo: Honker down and get that great photo, Andy.Photo: Lake Superior was incredibly placid this morning as well as wonderfully colorful as we hiked towards Indian Head.Photo: Now and then you pass a scoured smooth log. We found another  a little further down the beach to sit at for breakfast.Photo: Almost too Little Miners Falls on Miners Beach.Photo: It is a long steady climb up to the log slide and if you look back you can just see Au Sable Light Station.Photo: At the start of our walk along Miners Beach.Photo: Photo: Sunset at Beaver Creek beach with Andy.Photo: Photo: We thought two years this area of the North Country Trail was rich with trilliums but this year is impressive.Photo: Doug standing on the same patch of snow.Photo: Doug and I elected to walk the beach instead of the more traditional trail route. We found these tracks about a half hour after leaving camp. Near pine Bluffs we found some people but I am not sure if they were the creators of the tracks.Photo: Sunset at Mosquito Beach with Doug.