28 Photos - Mar 6, 2012
Photo: Mud bathPhoto: View of Mud bathPhoto: Helping out in the kitchenPhoto: Trying to help out in the kitchenPhoto: Chief CookPhoto: Live JivePhoto: Learning Live JivePhoto: Swim in the lakePhoto: Making basketsPhoto: Making mud yo-yosPhoto: Art and CraftsPhoto: Stream nearbyPhoto: Rejoicing in the streamPhoto: Yahooo!!!Photo: Master chef cookingPhoto: Culinary artist making saladsPhoto: Breaking up raagi bhakris for small childrenPhoto: Creating tasty saladPhoto: Adding the garnishingPhoto: Serving SaladPhoto: Fun with KarthikPhoto: More fun with karthikPhoto: Relaxing in the hideoutPhoto: Playing with just small stonesPhoto: Another grand swimPhoto: Swim with and without floatsPhoto: Some of the folks from the  Unconferencing groupPhoto: The Swadhyayee Sambhre family in Sajan