45 Photos - Apr 27, 2014
Photo: The generator runs in the morning and in the eveningPhoto: Generator close upPhoto: The solar system is broken, repairs are expensivePhoto: Dominique does maintenancePhoto: Signpost on the roadPhoto: The clinicPhoto: patient in the clinicPhoto: Patient in the clinicPhoto: Clinic laboratoryPhoto: Maise flour to help families that ran out of foodPhoto: maize flourPhoto: Nazziwa came to the office to discuss her plans to go to universityPhoto: Crested cranes flying over KibaalePhoto: Visiting Sylivia at homePhoto: SyliviaPhoto: The father of Sylivia (left) is sick, he needs to go to hospitalPhoto: The front of their house looks nicePhoto: The rear is less attractivePhoto: They do have a proper chicken shedPhoto: Sylivia in front of the family gardenPhoto: Sylivia and her fatherPhoto: Denis lives here with his unclePhoto: They collect rain water.  The tank is leaking a bit.Photo: PapayaPhoto: Their orange tree is doing very wellPhoto: Denis is in the S4 class, last year of our secondary schoolPhoto: Visiting Rose, she has finished S6 and will apply for university soonPhoto: A crowned hornbill in front of my room in KibaalePhoto: Crowned hornbill taking offPhoto: Kids from the neighbourhood are glad to see mePhoto: Visiting Nankya, her mother runs a small restaurantPhoto: I give the family some toysPhoto: The house is very simple and dark.Photo: NankyaPhoto: School children looking for fruits in a treePhoto: Mugabi is my contact for the younger sponsored childrenPhoto: Secondary students gather in the big hall to listen to stories of graduated studentsPhoto: Break timePhoto: Playground at the primary schoolPhoto: The primary schoolPhoto: Primary students eating lunchPhoto: Cooks distributing lunchPhoto: Cooking chicken for special guestsPhoto: Beautiful garden and lovely view in Timothy centrePhoto: Ibis at Timothy center