42 Photos - Nov 25, 2012
Photo: They use only the best tools!Photo: While getting supplies in Kampala encountered this "interesting" restaurantPhoto: On my way to Kibaale I visit the Timonty center in Masaka.  It is a girls high school. We sponsor four students there.Photo: The Timothy center in Masaka has a lovely view. We may rent out some day.Photo: New transformer, the previous one blew upPhoto: House of the headmistressPhoto: Back in Kibaale!  Boys love to play soccer.Photo: Exams are held in the "big building".Photo: On the other side are the sponsorship offices.Photo: Headmaster Peter having a meeting.Photo: The secondary exam schedulePhoto: The garden is kept well and attacts many birds.  I also saw an Ibis.Photo: Photo: Photo: The catering class.  After finishing they find a job in a hotel or restaurant.Photo: Toilets.  Boys have to go elsewhere.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Exam project: build a bed!Photo: Bricks made by the building students.Photo: Sharpening the panga.Photo: The new S1 classroom.  So many children did well in primary exams that they decided to double S1.Photo: Garden of the secondary schoolPhoto: Photo: Secondary students "studying".  Clinic in the background.Photo: Studying under a tree.  When it rains they use the library.Photo: The clinic on a quiet dayPhoto: The clinic on a quiet day.Photo: Photo: The clinic motto.Photo: The P7 students finished their exams and are preparing a graduation party.Photo: Matoke, the main food in this area.Photo: The school kitchen.  Cooking for 700 students and staff.Photo: The stoves are going to be replaced soon by ones that are more efficient with firewood.Photo: Primary school administration building.Photo: Primary school, third classPhoto: Not sure if this sign helps.Photo: Special needs class, weaving mats.Photo: Primary school classroomsPhoto: Primary fifth classPhoto: