26 Photos - May 24, 2014
Photo: A small group trail running at Gunung Nuang, including of going to the peak on 24 May 2014.Photo: Registration and payment of a nominal fee to the park ranger.Photo: KC Leong, Taka, Sachi, George and Phoebe.Photo: Photo: Photo: Taka and Sahci's brand new Salomon trail running shoes.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: At the signature tree of Kem PacatPhoto: At False PeakPhoto: Many people at the peak of Gunung NuangPhoto: At Gunung Nuang Peak ... notice Wong Sifu's 100th attempt ... Incredible feat ... Respect !!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Having a good scrub ... the trail running shoes.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Banana tree?Photo: Photo: It is a miniature wild plant.Photo: Photo: Photo: Yeah! we made it to the peak and safely return.