52 Photos - Sep 6, 2013
Photo: Just a shot walking down the street of our site.Photo: This randomly happened in our town plaza. This is one of the many reasons we can´t compete with the NGOs. Pooh.Photo: Some little pizzas we baked at home with pre-baked bread, pre-seasoned sauce, and actually some surprisingly good mozarella. Still better than a lot of the pizza found in Huaraz.Photo: My Chaco tan/burn.Photo: Oku, Uyoku, and Mashua: just three of the thousands of types of papas we don´t have in the States.Photo: Trigo, yo.Photo: Menda teaching the kids in Jinua to separate their garbage.Photo: Photo: Some kids Menda´s teaching at the local primaria.Photo: Photo: Photo: Some weird flavorless, grape-like fruit? vegetable? legume? that is supposedly only found near or in mountain lakes. Maybe. Clarity is not our forte in Spanish.Photo: Teaching computer classes to the kids in Jinua.Photo: Hacky Sack (or Chaki Sak) made by our host mom.Photo: A shot looking up at San Cristobal and the cross above our site.Photo: More shots along the path to the cross above our site/Lake Awak.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A few Quenual trees across a ridge, seen on the way up to Lake Awak.Photo: Photo: Lake Awak Panorama 1/3Photo: 2/3Photo: 3/3Photo: A shot from a little above that shows the mountains a little better.Photo: First snow I came across as I hiked up the ridge.Photo: Photo: Lake Awak from the highest point I got to before it disappeared from view.Photo: First glimpse of the north of the Cordillera Blanca as I topped the ridge.Photo: That snow capped peak before the snow-covered mountain became my new goal as I got up higher.Photo: Getting closer.Photo: Another shot north along the way up.Photo: There it is again, looking a lot taller than it did from a distance. Perspective can be a dangerous thing.Photo: Goin´up.Photo: One more to the north before I get to the top of the mountain.Photo: Aaand there I was. Not too shabby.Photo: These two lakes were a complete surprise. I had no idea before getting to the top that they´d be there.Photo: Photo: A shot south.Photo: Northwestish.Photo: Photo: On my way down. San Cristobal in the distance.Photo: Getting closer. Unfortunately, by the time I actually get there, it´s too dark for a good photo, so I´ll have to climb back up there some other time.Photo: Photo: It was a lot darker out than it appears in this photo, and the mountains straight up glowed in the distance.Photo: Photo: Wheat soup. ´Nough said.Photo: Photo: Slaughtered and roasted ram they were serving up for the three or four days between our abuelito´s passing and the burial.Photo: Definition of hell, right? Moving a mountain of sand one grain at a time. Well try moving those papas with that tiny fork.Photo: Photo: Three buckets of fried chicken.