61 Photos - Dec 12, 2012
Photo: Here´s another for you Allison.Photo: Environment volunteers being environment volunteersPhoto: Me and a 4 day old kitten.Photo: Me in my new hat with our 87 year old abuelito.Photo: Our cat, Jashi, sleeping with her head into the ground.Photo: Preparing palitos de naranjaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Menda learning to knit from our madePhoto: Photo: Photo: Our tiny stove.Photo: View of the house and part of garden 1Photo: Garden 1Photo: Newly constructed bathroom with hot shower (WHAT?!)Photo: Dining room area.Photo: Garden 2.Photo: Cuyes in the back of garden 2.Photo: Kitchen.Photo: Path into garden 3 and the chakra.Photo: Garden 3.Photo: The chakra.Photo: Weird plant in garden 3.Photo: Weird (tomato) tree in garden 2.Photo: Weird flower in garden 2.Photo: An alternate view of garden 1.Photo: 3 different sized chairs, all built by carpenters in our town.Photo: Menda teaching the kids about what a plant needs to grow.Photo: Photo: The got all the things they need in order to grow, and...Photo: They are now trees.Photo: Photo: Mia, a Pixar-cute kid.Photo: One of many animals we encounter while walking the streets of our pueblo. Not pictured: pigs, sheep, dogs, chickens, and cats.Photo: A view on our walk up to the cross above our town.Photo: Looking down with one last hill to go before reaching the cross. Seen plowing the fields in the distance is our mom´s cousin.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: View from the cross to the left of Huaraz.Photo: View of Huaraz.Photo: View to the right of Huaraz.Photo: View to the right of to the right of Huaraz.Photo: Photo: The next several are attempts to show a little better the mountains. It just doesn´t really turn out that well between the clouds and the camera.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Looks pretty, actually is kind of sad. Those mountains are that color because mining has removed the entire top layer. Good for economics, not great for the environment or tourism.Photo: 4 shot panoramic of maybe a 120 degree view. (part i)Photo: (ii)Photo: (iii)Photo: (and iv)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Menda, a cuy, and her Surplus dog tags.