71 Photos - May 8, 2013
Photo: Photo: 2.Smashed Pea Crostini with Radishes and Pesto
Blog: PDXfoodlove.com, 
Name: Rebekah Hubbard
Title/caption:mashed Pea Crostini with Radishes and Pesto
Post for picture: http://pdxfoodlove.com/smashed-pea-crostini-with-radishes-and-pesto/
Camera and lens: Canon EOS Rebel T3 with Canon 50mm f/1.8 IIPhoto: 3. Iced Tea
Blog: Eye Of The Beholder

Name: Nusrat Azim Suborna
URL: www.myselfnusrat.wordpress.com

The URL of the post containing the photograph: 


Type of Camera: Canon Rebel XSi EOS 

Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

My Location: Dallas, Texas. USAPhoto: 4. Birthday white chocolate&green gunpowder tea praline

Blog: crumbs from my table 

- Saša Vereš

- http://crumbs-from-my-table.blogspot.com/2013/04/jako-dugacki-post-sa-puno-lijepih-fotki.html

- Nikon D3100, lens Nikkor 50 mm f1.8 E series MFPhoto: 5. Rose & Cardamom Kulfi
Blog- The Primlani Kitchen : http://www.theprimlanikitchen.com

Rashmi Primlani

Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom LensPhoto: 6. Irish Cream Coffee Cupcakes & Marshmallow TopYelena Strokin

Your blog’s name and URL www.melangery.com 

The URL of the post containing the photograph http://www.melangery.com/2013/04/irish-cream-coffee-cupcakes-marshmallow.html

Type of camera used, lens if you wish Cannon mark2 50mPhoto: 7.Torcettini - Sugar crusted Yeasted Cookies

Panfusine (www.panfusine.com)

Nivedita Subramanian


Nikon D3100 AF-S Nikkor 50 mm lens (f 2.2)Photo: 8. Strawberry and oats breakfast smoothie

Blog- Food0licious 
Your name - Rekha Vengalil
URL - Pictured, http://food0liciouspictured.blogspot.sg/

URL of the post where the photo appears - http://food0liciouspictured.blogspot.sg/2013/05/strawberry-and-oats-breakfast-smoothie.html
What camera and lens you used - Canon 450D & 50 mm lensPhoto: 9. Coconut filled Sweet Dumplings
Blog- Confusion Cook

Your name - Deepali Jain
Your blogs URL -http://confusioncook.com

URL of the post where the photo appears - http://confusioncook.com/2013/04/11/ghujjia-karanji-sweet-dumplings/
What camera and lens you used - Canon Powershot A710 ISPhoto: 10. Sandwich Sponge Cake.. 200 years of Pride and Prejudice
Blog- baker-in-disguise 

Your name: Sarvani Chauhan
Your blogs URL : http://baker-in-disguise.blogspot.com
Title/caption for your photo: Victoria
URL of the post where the photo appears : http://www.baker-in-disguise.blogspot.in/2013/04/victoria-sandwich-sponge-cake.html
What camera and lens you used : Canon EOS 1100DPhoto: 11.Trifle with coffee, chocolate and vanilla custard
Blog- L'Exquisit

L’Exquisit http://blogexquisit.blogs.ar-revista.com/

The NetherlandsPhoto: 12. Orange Ginger Cooler
Blog Name : Dishing

Name : Divya Shivaraman

Blog URL : http://dishingwithdivya.blogspot.com/

Post link : http://dishingwithdivya.blogspot.com/2013/04/orange-ginger-cooler.html
Camera : NikonD5100

Thank you again.Photo: 13. Thandai (Spiced Almond Milk)
Your blogs name : My Diverse Kitchen

Your name : Aparna

URL of the post where the photo appears : http://www.mydiversekitchen.com/2013/04/aamras-creamy-pureed-mangoes-just-thing.html
What camera and lens you used : Canon 60D with 50mm f/1.8 lensPhoto: 14. Strawberry cake and frosting
Blog- www.lostragaldabas.net

Hello my name is Raquel Carmona from Córdoba- Spain
Strawberry cake and frosting
Canon EOS 7 D camera & 100L f 2.8 lensPhoto: 15. NO BAKE/ Low Fat Dates Panna Cotta
Blog name- http://foodfashionparty@blogspot.com

Asha Shivakumar


basic lens with 3.5 aperture 

Thanks so much for the oppurtunity.
No Bake Dates Panna CottaPhoto: 16. Spicy Shirley
Blog- Pechluck's Food

Your name - Pechluck Laskey
Your blogs URL - Adventures, http://pechluck.com/
Title/caption for your photo - Caption "Monday breakfast at Miss Shirley's:, a version of a Bloody Mary with Absolut Citron, Green Tomato Slice, Pickled Okra, Peppers, Jalapenos, Celery, Peppadews, Lemon Wedge & Lime Wedge, with an Old Bay Rim"
URL of the post where the photo appears - http://pechluck.com/miss-shirleys-baltimore/
What camera and lens you used
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX260 HS
ISO: 800
Exposure: 1/25 sec
Aperture: 3.5
Focal Length: 4.5mm
Flash Used: NoPhoto: 17.Sticky toffee pudding
Blog- Ruchi

Name - Vineetha

Blogs url -, http://malabar-ruchi.blogspot.co.uk

Title -

Url of post - http://malabar-ruchi.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/sticky-toffee-pudding-guest-post-for.html

Camer Used - canon EOS 600 D, lens - canon 50mm f 1.8Photo: 18. Ugadi Pachadi 
Blog- The Tales of My Cooking

Name: Sowmya Dinavahi
URL of the post where the photo appears: http://www.thetalesofmycooking.com/2013/04/ugadi-pachadi.html
What camera and lens you used: Canon rebel t3i and 50mm 1.4 lensPhoto: 19. Orange Soaked Bundt Cake
Swapna's Cuisine

My name ~ Swapna
My blogs name and URL ~;  http://www.swapnascuisine.com/

URL of the post where the photo appears ~ http://www.swapnascuisine.com/2013/04/orange-soaked-bundt-cake.html
What camera and lens you used ~  Canon EOS 7D and EF 50mm f / 1.4 USMPhoto: 20. Mini strawberry pie & Custard
Blog- Jazzy Kitchen

Name: Jasmina
Blogs URL: http://jazzykitchen.net/
Title/caption: Hedonism -
URL: http://jazzykitchen.net/pita-od-jagoda-strawberry_pie/
Camera and lens: Nikon and NIKKOR 18-55mm lensPhoto: 21. Steak Pizzaiola
Blog- Sweetbites

Your name - Monica Peverini-Caretto
Your blogs URL - http://www.sweetbitesblog.com/

URL of the post where the photo appears - http://www.sweetbitesblog.com/journal/2013/4/14/gcc-steak-pizzaiola.html
What camera and lens you used - Sony A55V, Exposure: 1/80, Aperture F/6.3, 50mm, ISO: 500, No FlashPhoto: 22. Mint Lassi
Blog- 7aum Suvai

Name: Shanthi Muthuvel

Blog URL: http://www.7aumsuvai.com

URL of the Post: http://www.7aumsuvai.com/2013/04/mint-lassi.html
Camera used: Nikon D40
Lens: Nikon 18-55mm Non-VR LensPhoto: 23. French macarons
Blog- Receptų medis (Recipe tree)

Name- Victoria.

Blog URL - http://receptumedis.lt

The URL of the post containing the photograph - http://receptumedis.lt/wordpress/2013/04/prancuziski-macaron/
My camera is Nikon D90.Photo: 24.  Avial
Blog- www.cookwithavial.com

- Name : Priyanka Bhatt

- Name & URL of Blog : AVIAL -www.cookwithavial.com

- Title/Caption: Everything is beautiful & colorful with Avial.

- URL: http://www.cookwithavial.com/2013/04/avial.html

- Camera : Canon S100Photo: 25. Banana Bread With Flaxseed and Pumpkin Seed
Blog-  Cooking With Love 

Name : Yulyan Parwati
Blog’s URL :,  http://dapur-eeyand.blogspot.com/ 
URL of the post containing the photograph :  http://dapur-eeyand.blogspot.com/2013/04/banana-bread-with-flaxseed-and-pumpkin.html
Camera and lens used : Canon 500D , 50mm F1.8
Location : IndonesiaPhoto: 26. Banana Peppers + Spices in coconut cream
Blog- Ami's Vegetarian

Your name - Abi
Your blogs URL - http://www.amisvegetarian.com/
Title/caption for your photo - Banana Peppers + Spices in coconut cream = Delicious Aromatic Curry
URL of the post where the photo appears - http://www.amisvegetarian.com/2013/04/banana-peppers-potatoes-in-coconut.html
What camera and lens you used - Canon 600D, 
Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8Photo: 27. Blackened Catfish with Bulgur and Green Pea Stirfy
Blog- Smriti D Isaac

Smriti "Simmi" D. Isaac
url is:  http://smritidisaac.wordpress.com
This entry may be found at:  http://smritidisaac.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/blackened-catfish-with-bulgur-and-green-pea-stirfry/

I used my iPhone 4S phone cameraPhoto: 28. Mango & Amla Juice
Blog-  Indian Kitchen

Name : Preeti Tamilarasan
Blog URL : http://jopreet.blogspot.com

URL : http://jopreet.blogspot.in/2013/04/mango-amla-juice.html

Camera : Nikon D5100
Lens : 18-55mm Kit LensPhoto: 29. Fish & wild garlic
Blog- www.youarehungry.com

Our name: Toni & Bene

Titel of the picture: wild garlic

URL of the post: http://youarehungry.com/dorade-voll-mit-barlauch/

camera and lens: Nikon D700 with AF Nicor 50mm 1:1,4Photo: 30. Making of watermelon and tomato summer salad
Blog - Love Food Eat
Name - Chinmayie
URL of the post where the photo appears - http://www.lovefoodeat.com/tomato-watermelon-salad/
My Camera and Lens - Canon 550D with a 50 mm f/1.8 lensPhoto: 31. Mojito de maduixes
Blog- Dit i fet   

Your name Maria-José
Your blogs URL http://ditifet-cuina.blogspot.com/
URL of the post where the photo appears  http://ditifet-cuina.blogspot.com/2013/04/cooking-challenge-35-mojito-de-maduixes.html
What camera and lens you used Canon 450D 18-55mmPhoto: 32. Soup with wild garlic and carrot chips
Blog- Ja u kuhinji

My name is Olivera Senić
My blog is http://1331999.blogspot.com
 url: http://1331999.blogspot.com/2013/04/corba-sa-sremusem-i-cips-od-sargarepe.htmlPhoto: 33.  Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes in the making
Blog- Love Nonpareille

Name:  Sara Heinen
Blog URL:  www.lovenonpareille.com
Post:    http://www.saraheinen.de/lovenonpareille/index.php/mitmachen-und-fruhling-gewinnen/   
Cam:    Nikon D3000, 55 – 200 mmPhoto: 34.Sparkling Kiwi Lemonade
Blog- foody-buddy

Name : Gayathri Ramanan

Blog URL : http://foody-buddy.blogspot.com/

Caption of the photo : Refreshing and healthy treat in a summer heat

URL of the picture : http://foody-buddy.blogspot.com/2013/05/sparkling-kiwi-lemonade-drink-recipes.html

Type of camera : Nikon L 105 Digital Camera
                         5 - 75 mmPhoto: 35. Snow Peas
Blog- Food with a View

My name: Claudia Hirschberger
My blog's name: Food with a View - Berlin Food & Photography
Blog URL: http://foodviewberlin.com
URL of the post with the photograph: http://foodviewberlin.com/2013/04/29/soba-primavera-edamame/
Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-135mm lens
Image properties: f/9, 1/30 sec., 320 ISO, 79mmPhoto: 36.Ven pongal
Blog- Myfoodexpress

Nisha sheik http://myfoodexpress.blogspot.com/

Ven pongal
Nikon D3100 and 40mmPhoto: 37.Passion Fruit Curd and Lime Tarts
Blog- Manu's Menu

My name: Manu
My blog’s URL: - www.manusmenu.com
The URL of the post containing the photograph:
Type of camera used: Canon 350D and Canon EF 50mm
f/1.4 USMPhoto: 38.fiesta fiesta!
Blog- recipris 

Your name - Priya Gulati 
Your blogs URL -- www.recipris.com
URL of the post where the photo appears - http://www.recipris.com/2013/03/25/cuban-black-bean-corn-enchiladas/
What camera and lens you used - Canon; 50 mm 1.8Photo: 39.Gnocchi with thyme and peas
Blog- Modern Taste

name: Gosia

blog post: http://moderntasteblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/gnocchi-z-tymiankiem-i-groszkiem.html#more
camera and lens: Canon 500D with 50mm lensPhoto: 40.Torcettini di Saint Vincent
Blog-  Easy Cook

Name: Reshmi Mahesh

URL: http://funwidfud.blogspot.com
Post URL: http://funwidfud.blogspot.com/2013/04/torcettini-di-saint-vincent.html
Camera & Lens:  Nikon D3100, 35mm.Photo: 41.Torcettini Cookies
Blog- Life|Delicious

Your name -   Kavita 
URL -  http://lifedeliciousblog.blogspot.com
URL of the post where the photo appears - http://lifedeliciousblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/torcettini-with-vanilla-sugar.html
What camera and lens you used - Nikon D3100, Nikkor 50mm 1.8gPhoto: 42.Bananas 
Blog- You Too Can Cook 

Your name - Divya Pramil
Your blogs URL - http://www.youtoocancook.net

URL of the post where the photo appears -  http://www.youtoocancook.net/2013/04/easy-banana-payasam-valaipalam-payasam.html
What camera and lens you used - Canon 550D, 18 to 55 mm lensPhoto: 43.Chickpea Soup
Blog- Knjiški Moljac u špajzu

My name is Sanja



I use Canon 550 d and 18-55 mm lensPhoto: 44.Berry love in a jar
Blog- Ikiru

Name- Anne 

 my blog Ikiru (http://ikiru.de): http://ikiru.de/food/geschichten-vom-schichten-beeren-dessert-im-glas.php
Camera - Canon 5D Mk III and Tamron’s 28-75mm f/2.8.Photo: 45. Tender Coconut Mint Cooler
Blog- Spicy Chilly   

My name - Bharathy

- My blog's URL - http://www.spicychilly.com/

- The URL of the post containing the photograph - http://www.spicychilly.com/2013/04/tender-coconut-mint-cooler.html#more

- The camera and lens used  -  Canon EOS 550DD lens-  EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ISPhoto: 46.Lobia masaledar or curried black eyed peas
Blog- Paaka Shaale

Name- Nandita

Image URL- http://www.paaka-shaale.com/2013/04/lobia-masaledar-curried-cow-peas-or.html
Camera and Lens- Canon EOS 5d Mark II, Lens- 50mm F1.8Photo: 47.Chili Paneer: Indian-Chinese Fusion
Blog: Indiaphile.info 

Name: Puja Thomas-Patel

URL:  http://indiaphile.info/chili-paneer-and-indian-chinese-cuisine/
Camera: Canon 60DPhoto: 48.Aromatic oils
Blog-  La cocina de Frabisa

Su nombre: Frabisa
Su nombre blogs y URL: La cocina de Frabisa. http://lacocinadefrabisa.blogspot.com.es
Título / caption para la foto: Aromatic oils
URL del post donde aparece la foto: http://lacocinadefrabisa.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/aceites-aromaticos-ese-toque-de-sabor.html
¿Qué cámara y el objetivo que utilizó: NIKON D5200- Lens 18-105Photo: 49.  Ice Rambutan with Cinnamon Syrup
Blog- Cemplang Cemplung

Name : Tika Hapsari Nilmada

URL of the post : http://cemplangcemplung.blogspot.com/2013/04/setup-rambutan-ice-rambutan-with.html
Location ; IndonesiaPhoto: 50.Strawberry tender mini cakes
Blog- http://www.unodedos.com

Pamela Rodríguez 


Canon EOS 350D , 50 mm, f/3.0, 1/125; ISO: 100
Bilbao, Vizcaya, SpainPhoto: 51.Zucchini balls
Blog-Friarielli & Sound  

Name: Letizia
My blog URL : www.friarielliandsound.com

Url of the post: http://www.friarielliandsound.com/2013/04/ricettage-e-polpette-di-zucchine.html
Camara/lens : Canon 600D- 50mmPhoto: 52.Radish, Cucumber, and Chickpea Tartine
Blog- food and other stuff

Name: Julia Mirabella

Radish Tartine URL: http://www.myfoodandotherstuff.com/2013/04/radish-cucumber-and-chickpea-sandwich.html
Camera and Lens: Nikon D50, 28-80mm lensPhoto: 53.Cheesecake with strawberry sauce
Blog-Sweet Corner



CANON D 450 EOSPhoto: 54.Oat wheat petit beurre with chocolate bar 
Blog- Trattoria da Martina

Martina Toppi
- http://www.trattoriadamartina.com
Oat wheat petit beurre with chocolate bar (Oro ciok style)
Canon 5d mark II with 50mm f1,8Photo: 55. Filet Mignon
Blog- Delimoon

My name:  verO
Blogs name and URL:  Delimoon,  http://delimoon.com
Title/caption: filet mignon farci 
URL of the post:  http://delimoon.com/2013/04/15/filet-mignon-farci-et-larde/
Camera and lens I used:  Canon 40d with 50 mm lensPhoto: 56. Triple Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownies
Blog- Vegan Richa 

Your name: Richa 
Your blogs name and URL: Vegan Richa http://www.veganricha.com
Title/caption for your photo :
URL of the post where the photo appears http://www.veganricha.com/2013/04/triple-chocolate-salted-caramel.html
What camera and lens you used: canon t1i with Macro 10mmPhoto: 57. Lemon-Coconut Pound Cake
Blog- Talk About Food 

Your name  : Kalla Anand
Your blogs name and URL Talk About Food  https://www.facebook.com/TalkAboutFoodPDX
Title/caption for your photo :  Lemon-Coconut Pound Cake! (Low fat)
URL of the post where the photo appears  : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=489324587821382&set=a.289405017813341.71758.166857213401456&type=1&theater
What camera and lens you used  : Canon EOS Rebel /Samasun S3 GalaxyPhoto: 58.Are words really required to describe?
Blog- My Space

Your name - Chitra
Your blogs name and URL - My Space, http://chitraaz.blogspot.com
Title/caption for your photo - "Are words really required to describe?"
URL of the post where the photo appears - http://chitraaz.blogspot.com/2013/05/are-words-really-required-to-describe.html
What camera and lens you used - Canon 30D, 17-70 mm lensPhoto: 59. Parippuvada
Blog- Palaharam 

My name - Anupa Joseph
My blogs name and URL - Palaharam (http://palaharam.blogspot.com/)
Title/caption for the photo - Parippuvada
URL of the post where the photo appears - http://palaharam.blogspot.com/2013/04/parippuvada.html 
What camera and lens I used - Canon T3iPhoto: 60.Sweet potato caramel cake with spiced pecans and creme freche at Kyotofu NYC
Blog- Not Just Vegetarian

My Name: Vidya Narasimhan
My Blog's name and URL:  Not Just Vegetarian http://notjustvegetarian.com/
Title / caption for my photo:  Sweet potato caramel cake with spiced pecans and creme freche at Kyotofu NYC
URL of the post where the photo appears: http://notjustvegetarian.com/2013/04/10/fresh-house-made-tofu-and-delicious-sweet-potato-cake-at-kyotofu-nyc/
Camera and Lens used:  Sony Alpha NEX 5N with E 18 - 55 mm lensPhoto: 61. Paneer Paratha
Blog- Edible Garden

Your name - Nags
Your blogs name and URL - Edible Garden - www.cookingandme.com
Title/caption for your photo - Paneer Paratha
URL of the post where the photo appears - http://www.cookingandme.com/2013/04/paneer-paratha-punjabi-paneer-paratha.html
What camera and lens you used - Nikon D90 with a 60mm Nikkor Macro LensPhoto: 62. Mango Lassi
Blog- sankeerthanam    

Name                                  Vrinda Mahesh

Blog name n URL                 sankeerthanam    http://www.reciperoll.com/

title                                 Mango Lassi

URL                                 http://www.reciperoll.com/2013/04/mango-lassi-indian-mango-yogurt-drink.html

Camera                    canon EOS Rebel T1iPhoto: 63.Orange Thyme Salad with Glazed Beets and Spiced Walnuts
Blog- Rawmazing  

Your name: Susan Powers
Your blogs name and URL: Rawmazing   www.Rawmazing.com
Title/caption for your photo: Orange Thyme Salad with Glazed Beets and Spiced Walnuts
URL of the post where the photo appears: http://www.rawmazing.com/orange-thyme-salad-with-glazed-beets-and-spiced-walnuts/
What camera and lens you used: Nikon D4, Lens: 105mm f2.8 vrPhoto: 64. Torcettini di Saint Vincent
Blog- Manju's Eating Delights 

Your name - Manju Nair

Your blogs name and URL - Manju's Eating Delights http://manjuseatingdelights.blogspot.com/

Title/caption for your photo - Torcettini di Saint Vincent

URL of the post where the photo appears - http://manjuseatingdelights.blogspot.com/2013/04/we-knead-to-bake-4-torcettini-di-saint.html#axzz2TroMuKhR

What camera and lens you used - Canon Rebel T3i 50-55mm lensPhoto: 65. Zucchini Methi na Dhebara | Spicy Indian Flatbread
Blog- Seven Spice

Blog name & URL: Seven Spice www.7spice.net
Title of photo: Zucchini Methi na Dhebara | Spicy Indian Flatbread
URL of post: http://www.7spice.net/sides-n-snacks/zucchini-methi-na-dhebara-gujarati-doodhi-methi-dhebara-recipe/
Camera and lens: Nikon D90 with 50mm f/1.8DPhoto: 66. Minty Methi Aloo
Blog- Yum! Yum! Yum!

Your name - Mythreyi Vattikuti
Your blogs name and URL - Yum! Yum! Yum!, http://yummyodds.blogspot.com/
Title/caption for your photo:  Minty Methi Aloo
URL of the post where the photo appears -  http://yummyodds.blogspot.com/2013/04/minty-methi-aloo-herbed-baby-potatoes.html
What camera and lens you used:  Canon EOS XSI, 35mm LensPhoto: 67. Gigantes (Giant Bean Stew)
Blog- Greek Vegetarian

Blog name: Greek Vegetarian

Blog URL: http://www.greekvegetarian.blogspot.com

Title/caption of my photo: Gigantes (Giant Bean Stew)

URL of the post where the photo appears: http://greekvegetarian.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/gigantes-giant-bean-stew.html

Camera: Canon 5D MKII

Lens: EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USMPhoto: 68. making Sweet potato chaat 
Blog- Part Time Chef 

Name - Shruti

Blog name and URL
 - Part Time Chef - http://mycookingquest.blogspot.ch/

Title of photo - making Sweet potato chaat 

URL of post where photo appears - http://mycookingquest.blogspot.ch/2013/04/sweet-potato-chaat-bites-indian-street.html

Camera and lens used - Nikon d80 with nikkor f 3.5 to 5.6 18-135 mm lensPhoto: 69. No Oil Mattar Paneer
Blog- Food For 7 Stages of Life

Radhika Vasanth
Food For 7 Stages of Life / http://www.foodfor7stagesoflife.com
No Oil Mattar Paneer
Nikon D90 Nikkor 50mm 1.4FPhoto: 70. Bengali Spongy Rasagulla
Blog- Pepper Bowl

Name of the Person : Sujatha Muralidhar
Title of the photo : Bengali Spongy Rasagulla Recipe made easy
URL of the post : "http://www.pepperbowl.com/2013/04/bengali-spongy-rasagulla-recipe-made.html"
The Camera and lens used : Nikon D 5200 & Nikon 55-300mm lensPhoto: 71. Common fare in Stumptown
Blog- Savyasaachi

Name: Savyasaachi Keshava Murthy
Blog name : None
Title: Common fare in Stumptown
Camera: Fuji X100S