118 Photos - Apr 9, 2014
Photo: Customer Bill Rice sigh fished this late Summer beast on the Mad River- fishes well through the heat!Photo: Photo: Brian Flechsig guiding Steve Buckley on the Mad River in Ohio- May 2013Photo: The Mad River in OhioPhoto: The reports are coming in faster than we can keep up.....we are trying our best. Here's a good one from Brian Ginther:

I had an invite to go up steelheading this past weekend. decided to stick with the mad instead. brought half a dozen to hand before noon. this guy was pretty fun.

-brianPhoto: Gorgeous brown from the Mad River in Ohio!Photo: Gorgeous male caught on a nymph- Mad RiverPhoto: Terrestrials! Beetles are especially good in July, August and September on the Mad River in OhioPhoto: The AuSable boat is getting a "re-fin" and should be back on the Mad soon. Brian Flechsig will be offering a limited number of floats later in the Spring and throughout the season. Contact him at the shop if you are interested. This is a GREAT way to fish the Mad.Photo: Big fish food! Monster Brown on the Mad River in Ohio with a 10" trout in his throat!Photo: Carson French- 21.5" on a guide trip- March 2014Photo: Carson French with another beauty from his 1st guide trip on the Mad. He's hooked on trout fishing in Ohio!Photo: Don Gregory- part of a "Banner" day on the Mad River in OhioPhoto: The Mad River in Ohio- brown trout paradisePhoto: Guides day off- Josh McQueen floating the Mad River with Patrick KellyPhoto: A beast of a brown trout- Streamer fishing on the Mad River in OhioPhoto: Yet another on a guide trip in April 2014- Mad RiverPhoto: Gorgeous fall brownie- Mad RiverPhoto: Mad River Outfitters offers guide trips for Brown Trout in Ohio on both the Mad River and the Clearfork RiverPhoto: Brian Flechsig trying out his new Tenkara on the Mad....the method is really great for this river.Photo: Brown Trout on a fly in Ohio- Mad River OutfittersPhoto: MRO guide Pat Kelly on the Mad River- 4/13/14Photo: Patrick Ortleib on a guide trip with Lou- March 2014Photo: The streamer was half his length...and not a bad fish- Mad RiverPhoto: Healthy brown caught on a nymph on the Mad RiverPhoto: The photos speak for themselves- trophy brown trout in Ohio!Photo: Gorgeous brown on a guide trip on the MadPhoto: Spinners fall right at dusk and can provide some of the best fishing of the day- Mad River OhioPhoto: Scott Smallwood on the Mad.....more hand than fish...but a nice one regardless.Photo: Fantastic male brown caught on a streamer on the Mad RiverPhoto: Electrofished beast from the Mad River in Ohio- they tell us they find these guys all the time and some much bigger. Really....Ohio.Photo: Great shot! Brown on the Mad River in OhioPhoto: Brown Trout from the Mad River in OhioPhoto: Photo: Andrew Cook sent us this photo of a beauty caught on a streamer- Mad River OhioPhoto: Nice fish on the Mad River in OhioPhoto: Healthy brown trout from the Mad River in OhioPhoto: Guide trip on the Mad River in Ohio- a rare rainbow troutPhoto: Monster fish on the Mad in Ohio- Mad River OutfittersPhoto: Our friend Tom Helbig from Dayton, Ohio caught this beast on the Mad River on a nymphPhoto: A happy Steve Buckley on the Mad River in OhioPhoto: Mad River in Ohio- brown trout paradise!Photo: Below average Mad River Brown Trout on a San Juan Worm!Photo: Average sized brown trout on the Mad puking up a chub about 1/3 his body size- our fish are CARNIVORES!Photo: After some great phone advice from Lou and a nice MRO mail order I landed my first big Mad River brown, this 20+'er (pic att'd)! What a terrific experience, & I'm talking up your shop to all my OH pals.
Todd LedinghamPhoto: Just wanted to thank you for providing honest, accurate river updates. I gave you guys a call a few weeks back and you told me there was no fly too big for the Mad. I've made several trips over the past few weeks from my Cleveland home, caught several 17-18" fish, but was still looking for bigger. I up'd the size of the fly and the browns followed suit. Thanks!Photo: Got this today from our buddy Ryan Anstine:

"Hey guys got a pretty good one on the mad today. Thanks for the info at the shop!"Photo: Young prodigy Carson French is floating the Mad today with Lou as his guide.....and they had a horrible accident. A largemouth took his streamer. Guess we shouldn't say horrible accident but....nice surprise! Way to go Carson as always!Photo: Update from Carson's float trip today......Lou says: "3 guide trips for the kid....3 monsters. 23" brown today. Luckiest kid alive!!!"Photo: You have got to be kidding! This kid is on fire....his 2nd 23" brown of the day. Better go play the lottery tonight Carson. Hats off also to his guide Lou Uecker!Photo: It's great to have a true year-round trout fishery in our "neighborhood". The Mad simply doesn't slow down much at all this time of year. Here's Michael Losinski on a guide trip with Lou yesterday. Lou is out again today....we'll see if he can duplicate or top?Photo: Rich Rudolph from Lima, Ohio on a Mad River guide trip yesterday. The Mad is fishing very well as usual.Photo: The AuSable boat is out of the shop and on the trailer.....ready to float. Who's in?Photo: Hey guys, My name's Jonny Fry and i was in the shop a few days ago getting some tips and flies, and got out and beat the storms today and caught my first Brown on the Mad, which doubled as my first wild trout!  While sitting, changing flies, i looked up and happened to see a 12ish inch brown hit the surface and jump.  I thought it seemed strange given it was raining, but after swinging a nymph y'all recommended me for a little bit, i got one! A 9'' fish never felt and looked so good!  Thanks for all the help, you guys rock!  Photo: 20 mintues later....we catch up with Mel and Joe on the Mad. A spectacular double. What a day of Trout fishing in Ohio. At this point, you should stay tuned for more?Photo: Impossible! August 28th, 2014 may go down in the history of trout fishing on the Mad. Like father like son, here's Joe Meyers from moments ago. Looks like Lou is shooting for "Guide of the Year" around here. Sick....just sickPhoto: TBT- Brian teaching an "On-River Seminar" on the Mad River out of his old blue toyota pickup. This throws back to 1992 or so.Photo: Steve Buckley on the Mad yesterday with Lou. He and his step-son Mike Rutter hired us as guides (again) for a father/son fishing outing. They both scored big! Thanks for the repeat biz and the continued support guys....we appreciate it. See a few posts back for Mike's pic.Photo: Brian,

After stopping in the store today, I went out to the Mad as we discussed. Caught a few, and all were on 16/18 green copper J's (behind the bugger you sold me), including this one, just shy of 18". Water still real low and crystal clear. A couple of fish rising right at dusk, I think on BWO's but not for certain. Saw one lone Miller caddis come off. Thanks again for the info on the October caddis.

KurtPhoto: John and Bob were out on a guide trip with Josh McQueen today on the Mad River here in Ohio. Here is what they had to say:

Hello Josh,

Just wanted to thank you again for the great fishing trip that you took Bob and I on today. The quantity and quality of trout that we    caught far exceeded my expectations. Just like you said, people that go on a guided fishing trip expect to killem. I told you that was what I was expecting, and we did, killem.

John Patterson

Good work Josh!Photo: Despite the wind, leaves and some of the toughest conditions of the year....our buddy Scott Hall scored on the Mad yesterday. This was the largest of four that he caught. Good work Scotty!Photo: Don't let a little snow stop you! Here's Ed Bailey...today on the Mad River here in Ohio.Photo: And now for something completely different! Our good friend and customer Ryan Srbljan caught this "goldfish" in the Mad River....trout fishing. And on top of that it was during the ice storm on Saturday. Just guessing but this MUST be the 1st fly caught goldfish we have posted. Yes Ryan...it counts as a "carp catch".Photo: Our good friend and frequent contributor Jose Olivas with a nice Brook Trout from the upper Mad River. Great score!Photo: Our good friend and supporter Joe Olivas sent us this photo of a fattie he caught on X-mas Eve on the Mad River. It was caught on the Clearwater 3wt he had just purchased at the shop the day before.Photo: Photo: Photo: Our own David Lewis:
"Got this one on Sunday on a Game Changer Chub pattern I tied...thanks to Blane Chocklett's excellent presentation a couple of weeks ago. These things work great on trout too!"Photo: From our own back yard. Frequent contributor Joe Olivas sent us this brownie caught in the upper Mad River over the weekend.Photo: Some folks starting to get out and hit local waters. We should be getting some reports going this week and looking for things to "get started".

"Hooked a nice fish on the Mad this weekend.  Thanks for the help!"- Nick ZerbiPhoto: Oh yeah!.....we grow some big browns in Ohio eh?
"Brian, thanks for recommending Depth Charge line a few months back. Ohio streamer season is on.- Bryan Clem"Photo: Got this photo and e-mail yesterday from our friend and customer Kevin Lottes:
Hey Guys:
I was in the store yesterday still basking in my "Rainbow Glow" after catching this beauty on the Upper Mad on Monday. I'm not on Facebook, but you guys said you could do the bragging for me smile emoticon See photo attached.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fish of the year so far for frequent contributor and good friend Joe Olivas. A killer rainbow from the upper Mad caught yesterday.Photo: Everybody's favorite guide Pat Kelly is floating Keith Kepler down the Mad River today. They are on the board early. Keep the pics coming boys, will help us all through a Tuesday at work.Photo: More of Keith Kepler out today with Pat on the Mad. His 3rd fish today in the 20" class. Another banner day at the office for Pat and a great way to spend a Tuesday for Keith!Photo: Oh...and here he is the VERY NEXT CAST! We can't make this s**t up friends.....really. God bless the Brown Trout in Ohio!!!Photo: What the heck is going on today? Here's Joe Olivas with his best fish so far this year from the upper parts of the Mad.Photo: Almost too freakish to post...but too cool not to. Here's Keith Kepler rounding out the float with Pat with yet another fish over 20". Could this be a conspiracy? Trick photography? Smoke and mirrors? One thing is for sure...Pat Kelly probably ranks pretty high on Keith's "Favorite Guide List". Banner day boys!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Good friend and long-time customer Jeff Kreager sent us this photo of a 20+ Ohio Brown Trout blowing up on a skated dry fly. Cool shot Jeff! Thanks as always for contributing.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Extremely big tipper here! Mike Jines from Houston, Texas with a surprise Mad River rainbow.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I gave you guys a call Thursday evening and promised to follow-up w/ a report after my trip Friday to the Mad.

My expectations were high when I saw the water Friday morning and the overcast skies, but I had to work for them. I lost a monster early, which was disappointing, and picked up a few 14-16" browns throughout the day on black and olive streamers.

My day ended on a positive note when I got slammed by this fatty.  As another bonus, one of your guides, Josh, saved me a 6 mile bike ride in the dark back to my car.

Bryan ClemmPhoto: Young Jackson Byrne caught his 1st trout ever on a fly rod on Tuesday. His grandpa "Buck" hired us to float them down the Mad and guide Josh McQueen got the job done.Photo: Just got one on the Orange glint nymph I picked up today!

Mad River brownie.....Joe OlivasPhoto: Decent numbers of Hennys the past two days on the Mad and a few spotted on Clear Creek. No reports on the Clearfork yet but we should be close. Today......probably not a chance with the rain, cool and overcast but as soon as the sun comes back out it should be game on. More tomorrow in the "Weekend Update".Photo: Picked up this guy on the lower river yesterday morning. Lunch at Crabill's and dry fly fishing with a friend in the afternoon. Doesn't get much better than that! Big thanks to some new friends I met on the river, Tim and Dan, for being net men and helping me with the grip and grin. Thanks, Justin ShiflettPhoto: Photo: Photo: Lots of calls about the condition of the Mad today. Perfect streamer water and more rain tonight will make it even better. Here's Don Gregory from earlier today with guide Pat Kelly.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Can't wait to read all of the reports and see all of the pics from this "fishing weekend".
Ann Heuerman gets things started with a report she sent us this morning-
"Went up to the mad last week and caught six browns between me and my three friends. Caught mine on a copper john and although it wasn't big, it was still my personal best for the mad. Once the sun started going down, others caught them on sulfers and rusty spinners. Sincerely, Ann Heuerman"Photo: Our friend and customer Ed Muldoon sent us this "Double Take" along with a note...."Always check your knots". He hooked this fish on the Sulpher dry and the knot slipped. A few days later the same fish ate the Brer Possum nymph and Ed got this Sulpher back!Photo: Here's a hanger on from the car this evening. The fish weren't really keying in on the duns and spinners yet this evening. Probably take a day or two. Did well on the #18 quill Adams again. Looking forward to the next couple of days!- Ed MuldoonPhoto: Drakes seem to be on hold with the cooler temps and wind the past few evenings but the Cahills and Sulphers have been strong. Hoping to see them return and some Epic spinner falls as the weather warms this weekend.Photo: Photo: Photo: This guy has been driving fish crazy after dark for a few weeks now on the Mad.....and still going. (10-10:30 or so). We are still waiting to hear from Dr. Brian Armitage as to the exact species. Best we can tell is Ephemera Varia....Yellow Drake/Golden Drake. Pretty cool when a new species shows up and has a significant impact. More in the Fishing Reports later this week!Photo: Photo: