22 Photos - Mar 4, 2007
Photo: Angie with mother, Jean - photo from AngiePhoto: Children with Angie, Maureen M., Linda H - Picture from AngiePhoto: Choir - Photo from AngiePhoto: George -  Photo: AngiePhoto: Names please - photo from AngiePhoto: Guys - from AngiePhoto: Ken ploughing with Jack's team - Photo from AngiePhoto: Maureen W - photo from AngiePhoto: Rick - photo from AngiePhoto: The Second Sign - photo from AngiePhoto: From Angie: C1980Photo: TVSers  (names welcome) -  photo from AngiePhoto: Twin Valleys children - photo from AngiePhoto: From Selina: Jack and George (Pat in background)Photo: View from Opal Acres - photo from SelinaPhoto: Virginia - photo from SelinaPhoto: Selina: At Opal Acres with "Old Bill"Photo: Carol ploughing, Shelagh on horseback - picture from SelinaPhoto: Grazing in the Valley - photo from SelinaPhoto: Jack Carver ploughing with Flossie and Holly - photo from SelinaPhoto: Jack Carver ploughing - photo from SelinaPhoto: Pete and Dot - photo from Selina