92 Photos - Apr 10, 2012
Photo: IMG_0734Photo: We're not going to be in one of those big shipsPhoto: Leaving St. ThomasPhoto: Leaving St. ThomasPhoto: Trying on a BCDPhoto: IMG_0851Photo: XiaoQin in the cockpit of The EscapePhoto: IMG_0900Photo: A relaxing moment in the cockpit while sailing to The Bight on Norman IslandPhoto: Arturo, ready to go into action at any timePhoto: The Caves on Norman IslandPhoto: Arturo in the CavesPhoto: IMG_0951Photo: Arturo shoots the cave he just traversedPhoto: IMG_0958Photo: IMG_0970Photo: Steve MoranPhoto: ArturoPhoto: The IndiansPhoto: IMG_0993Photo: The IndiansPhoto: At the IndiansPhoto: IMG_4646Photo: Swim-thorugh at The IndiansPhoto: An easy sail to Cooper IslandPhoto: IMG_4022Photo: Shauna EggersPhoto: The RhonePhoto: The RhonePhoto: ArturoPhoto: The RhonePhoto: Amy PlattPhoto: John FeilerPhoto: The RhonePhoto: LionfishPhoto: IMG_4831Photo: Cistern PointPhoto: Box FishPhoto: Piaw, XiaoQin, and The EscapePhoto: The BathsPhoto: Sailing towards the BathsPhoto: Despite the warning, it's an easy walk, no sweatPhoto: The BathsPhoto: The BathsPhoto: The BathsPhoto: The BathsPhoto: The BathsPhoto: The BathsPhoto: IMG_4903Photo: The BathsPhoto: The BathsPhoto: Snorkeling swim throughs!Photo: Box FishPhoto: Coming aboutPhoto: Shauna Drops The MainPhoto: Arturo after a shower and a shave.Photo: Leverick Bay BarPhoto: Leverick Bay BarPhoto: Amy wins the Conch blowing contestPhoto: Red sky at dawn, sailor be warnedPhoto: Rhone ReefPhoto: SharkPhoto: Dolphins play with The EscapePhoto: IMG_4998Photo: Deadman's BayPhoto: Deadman's BayPhoto: Deadman's BayPhoto: Deadman's BayPhoto: Steve Moran, Coral GardenPhoto: NudibankPhoto: Sprat Bay - Peter IslandPhoto: Rainbow CanyonsPhoto: Rainbow CanyonsPhoto: Rainbow CanyonsPhoto: Arturo & the Escape at Kelly's CovePhoto: Sailboats past Norman IslandPhoto: Mooring Ball Fee CollectorsPhoto: Sunset from Kelly's CovePhoto: Sunset from Kelly's CovePhoto: The crew of the Escape, together on the Escape.Photo: Sunset from Kelly's CovePhoto: Near Sopher's HolePhoto: Sandy CayPhoto: White Bay: Shauna & Steve, DepartingPhoto: Diving HeronPhoto: White Bay: Ivan's Stress Free BarPhoto: White Bay, Jost Van DykePhoto: Nanny Cay MarinaPhoto: Rainbow over St ThomasPhoto: The Crew of the EscapePhoto: Leaving St. Thomas