28 Photos - Jan 20, 2013
Photo: Ferrari F430Photo: Photo: Ferrari 360 SpyderPhoto: Photo: Window shopping the 360Photo: Aston Martin VantagePhoto: Photo: Lamborghini GallardoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Now I understand why the Ferraris have an aluminum-reinforced plate for you to press your feet into!Photo: Photo: Driver change. F430, 360 Spyder, AM Vantage convertible, Lambo GallardoPhoto: Photo: Window shopping the F430. Note the engine compartment exhaust vents on either side.Photo: Photo: Gallardo interiorPhoto: Gallardo instrument cluster. The tach and speedo are very small compared to the Ferraris.Photo: The instruments and controls were completely different from the Ferraris (of course) - and we barely had time to figure out how to turn down the radio before we were off!Photo: Photo: Fitting one's self into the Gallardo. Perhaps easier to just lay down on the ground, then roll in.Photo: Big kid fun, Aston Martin stylePhoto: Pahking the cahs. Note the 458 Italia on the left. No, no one drove it!