66 Photos - Aug 16, 2014
Photo: Fire WeedPhoto: Eagle off HomerPhoto: Black Puffin floatingPhoto: The trip began in Homer, AKPhoto: On a boat with Captain GartPhoto: Otters and EaglesPhoto: This is Homer  I stayed at the very end of the finger that juts out into the Cook InletPhoto: The first Brown Bears  saw were digging clamsPhoto: Mother is searchingPhoto: Mom nurses the cubsPhoto: Bear surfingPhoto: It walked right past mePhoto: Just calmly checking things outPhoto: Mom and her cubPhoto: Nursing her cubPhoto: Nursing makes Mama Bear tiredPhoto: A bear on a missionPhoto: This was a high point of my tripPhoto: My guide Cody said hurry and set up right herePhoto: The bear missed the salmon but I got the shotPhoto: The bear known as blondyPhoto: Digging together for clamsPhoto: Bear in the grassPhoto: Immature bald eaglePhoto: Flying with a fish near Duck IslandPhoto: These are puffinsPhoto: NestingPhoto: A flock of PuffinsPhoto: They kind of drop from the skyPhoto: A puffin defying gravityPhoto: If chickens could flyPhoto: TouchdownPhoto: They were endlessly cutePhoto: They just drop downPhoto: Photo: They don't build a nestPhoto: They just lay eggs on a ledgePhoto: Swimming and looking for fish and clamsPhoto: A walk on the beachPhoto: Just looking aroundPhoto: Playing on the beachPhoto: Playing in the grassPhoto: Three in a rowPhoto: Looking togetherPhoto: Resting with MomPhoto: Photo: Sibling playPhoto: Mother with two Spring CubsPhoto: Eagle on the BeachPhoto: Eagle on the BeachPhoto: Successful fish grabPhoto: Photo: Mom and Cub take a drinkPhoto: Spring Cub crosses behind MomPhoto: Looking aroundPhoto: Fishing bearPhoto: Cub on the beachPhoto: Mother and Cub playing togetheerPhoto: Bear in waterPhoto: Eagles at the tree line between beach and grasslandPhoto: Nursing her cubsPhoto: Crossing the waterPhoto: Play timePhoto: I can't get enough of standing bearsPhoto: So here is one morePhoto: Mt. McKinley in all its glory