69 Photos - Feb 17, 2014
Photo: The B-25 and Ken Berry's Cherokee share the hangar; Cantzon Foster keeps his C-172 here tooPhoto: Rows of neat tables set up prior to lunchPhoto: A WWII bomb transport trailer ... note the bomb patterns on the floorPhoto: Some of the posters on the hangar wallPhoto: About the Dolittle Raiders (see SCHAF website) ... don't think you can read it herePhoto: See "http://www.schistoricaviation.org/" for more informationPhoto: WWII Uniform & other aviation itemsPhoto: Many different aircraft of the WWII eraPhoto: Highlights an article on the Dolittle RaidersPhoto: Photo: A poster highlighting the Tuskegee Airmen "Red Tails"Photo: A genuine WWII jacket with hoodPhoto: Some of the aircraft instruments, training aids and clothingPhoto: Photo: An overall view of the main display area - Norden and Sperry bombsights, radio, and other items.Photo: The Norden bombsight played a big role in winning the war! It was crucial to the bombings in GermanyPhoto: An old radio of the era ... look how huge it isPhoto: A navigation sextant (i.e. WWII GPS)Photo: Photo: B-25 replica, along with SCHAF literaturePhoto: Dolittle Raiders reunions were held here in Columbia in 1992, 2002 and 2009.Photo: The lounge area of the Foster/Berry hangar ... a nice place to hang out.Photo: Several of us sat here in the afternoon and watched a Stearman training filmPhoto: An essential part of any hangar  :-)Photo: The inside was nice too ... they even have airplane paraphenalia in here ... true aviators :-)Photo: All the neat tables prior to arrival of guestsPhoto: The SCHAF working area; Cantzon is building an RV here tooPhoto: This pretty well says it all. You get the picture!Photo: But I did get to tippy toe through it; that's part of Cantzon's RV project on the bench.Photo: A well equipped work areaPhoto: And I thought I had a lot of "stuff"Photo: The famous Curtis Wright hangar ... more on that laterPhoto: Ther rear of the B-25 overhangs the work areaPhoto: Just behind the B-25 left wingPhoto: Got to have a drill press and band saw and extra parts.Photo: Two great flags ... Salute!Photo: A nice cabinest ... not sure what is in here.Photo: A perspective of the main display area from afarPhoto: From the presenter's perspectivePhoto: Here you get a pretty good overall view of the B-25. Tthis is where Cantzon parks his C-172 when the tables are not here.Photo: They have the necessary equipment for presentationsPhoto: During the Curtis Wright presentationPhoto: The Curtis Wright hangar is not in such great shape at present, but hopefully it will be a show place some day soonPhoto: That's Cantzon's C-172 on the rightPhoto: Randy's C150 tied down just after arrival about 12:15 pm parked well away from the hangarsPhoto: Libby Berry and Doug WestfallPhoto: A huge radial engine of the B-25Photo: Kenny, Ron, Millie, Leonard, Scott, Sonja and others milling about before lunchPhoto: TTF Members: Doug, Moss, Libby, Tony, KevinPhoto: Scott Linaberry makes a point about the Curtis Wright HangarPhoto: Also here ... an excellent presentationPhoto: A very attentive crowdPhoto: Photo: Side viewPhoto: Brian Steed, of S&S Aviation at KFDW, gave a presentation on ADS/B earlier; Brian and Kathy Self now relax in the Berry/Foster lounge areaPhoto: A rear view of the group during Scott's presentation; we had a good crowdPhoto: Ken shows us a round from an F-16 gun. Don't worry, it's a dudPhoto: Dolittle Raiders .... although the flash got in the wayPhoto: Kenneth Berry poses in front of the WWII paraphenalia ... an excellent collectionPhoto: Norden and Sperry bomb sightsPhoto: A closer view of the Norden bombsight; an important part of our WWII aviation historyPhoto: Complete view of the Norden bombsightPhoto: A side view of the B-25 ... If you look closely, you'll see Virginia Berry in the cockpitPhoto: Cantzon Foster, Xen Motziner, and Mark Williams in front of the Curtis Wright Hangar; it will be a restaurant/lounge some dayPhoto: A closer viewPhoto: Randy Berry, Xen Motzinger, and Mark Williams in from the CW HangarPhoto: A closer view; Cantzon took the photoPhoto: From the second floor of the CW Hangar looking down the stairsPhoto: Cantzon is pointing out something, while Mark checks it out in the background; happy to see Mark back around aviation