14 Photos - Jan 25, 2014
Photo: The perspex comes cut to size and well protectedPhoto: Here's the windows tackled in Saturday's sessionPhoto: Upper right you might be able to see the battens added for the magnetic stripsPhoto: Here we can see the rolls of magnetic tape used on the 'Glass' and the framesPhoto: Measuring is critical - measure twice cut once!Photo: Now cutting the strips for the window framePhoto: And checkingPhoto: A hammer and block used to make sure that good contact is made, tape-to-framePhoto: More measuringPhoto: Preparing to attach the magnetic  strips to  the Acrylic sheetPhoto: Care needs to be taken to ensure that the strips are at sheet edgePhoto: A 45 degree mitred cut was made  using a set square.Photo: Gloves were used so that greasy handprints were avoidedPhoto: The cut panels were offered up  and the magnetic strips will be ready to hold the wieght in 24 hours