28 Photos - Mar 30, 2014
Photo: Dogwood, beginning to reveal.Photo: Incipient dogwood blooms in the sunPhoto: Flowers from Mom (I'm sure she knows what they are)Photo: Craggy HawthornePhoto: Lilac, early. It's a bluish lavender when it's blooming. The white lilacs across the street are already showing flower buds.Photo: Still lovin' me some flowering quince. I should admit, however, that this is *not* actually in my garden. It is in the garden next door.Photo: Laceleaf maple, butterflying in the mild warmth of the spring sunPhoto: Other Japanese maple, flowers opening, leaves moist and fresh.Photo: Snowbell leaves glowing in the spring sunshine.Photo: Another flower from Mom. I also don't know what this is. So hairy-looking!Photo: Kinnikinnik.Photo: GIANT DOG NAPPING IN KINNIKINNIK.Photo: SedumPhoto: Grape HyacinthPhoto: SedumPhoto: Sedum. This one looks like teeny bananas.Photo: Rosemary.Photo: Rosemary from the topPhoto: Parsley growing from seed! We had a massive, woody parsley plant down on the street last year, and it's showing one minute sign of coming back, with no effort on our part. Yay!Photo: This one really is a monster!Photo: Hens and chicks are not so benign-looking when you get up close.Photo: We're thinking this was taken of the flowering cherry, which does produce tiny berries . . . although these could be nascent apple blooms. Yes, I took the picture about an hour ago. No, I can't remember which tree it was.Photo: Blue Bush, still, surprisingly, taking its time on showing its glory.Photo: Daphne Odora. This one stinks purty.Photo: Some white flower. Looks like a bunch of tiny toasted garlic in the center.Photo: New leaves on an old rosebush.Photo: Last summer's passion vine curlicues.Photo: More curlicues of the past.