48 Photos - Mar 24, 2014
Photo: I got to be the co-pilot on the way up!Photo: Gas Works. If you know where it is, you can see a tiny bit of our house.Photo: Boats in Ballard. Ian took all these photos from the plane, because, as the co-pilot, I was busy (not really. I just didn't have room for the camera AND my huge feet)Photo: TowingPhoto: GravelPhoto: Interesting currentsPhoto: Towing.Photo: Airplane shadow over marshy spitPhoto: Giraffe LandPhoto: FerryPhoto: Orion with my new tripod and remote switch (the pics from now on are taken by me)Photo: PleiadesPhoto: Car carcass on the way up Turtleback. Ancient car carcass, really.Photo: MossesPhoto: The Thinker, modern day.Photo: Shrek's Ear lichenPhoto: StripeyPhoto: Ancienter Car Carcass (this looks like a Model T)Photo: Into the WoodsPhoto: Moss Creature, sleeping face down.Photo: North side of the OlympicsPhoto: On top of the Turtle's HeadPhoto: Photo: Totally non-posed picture of Ian crossing a creek crossing a trail.Photo: Oh, deer.Photo: Oh, deer.Photo: Stream. I wonder if it's still there in the summer?Photo: Yurt at Doe Bay.Photo: Dacha and matching loaner wheels.Photo: Asian pearPhoto: MintPhoto: ColquitziaPhoto: We found several wasps' nests under the canvas cover on Ian's boat. We saw only two wasps, and crushed them unmercifully, along with their nests. But they were pretty cool to look at.Photo: Photo: A river runs through our kitchen. This is why you don't choose your building site in the summer.Photo: WetPhoto: Actually, maybe this is the Asian pear. Hard to tell at this stage.Photo: Photo: Daffodils in Giant FieldPhoto: Maple grown up around the fence.Photo: Photo: Sea BuckthornPhoto: LichenPhoto: Fruiting BodiesPhoto: Incipient tent caterpillars (we assume. We knocked them off this young chestnut).Photo: Grafted PearsPhoto: Copse overheadPhoto: Plum Row