11 Photos - Sep 13, 2014
Photo: I bought this new lock with a keypad to address "Hey, the boys need their own keys to the house.' concern Maryann Goldman raised.Photo: Parts from the box.  They include 4 AA and a 9V battery.  Uh... I never found a place for the 9V battery...  The old lock set was a Schlage also so it was a simple matter to have the new lock re-key to match the rest of the locks.Photo: Johnny and the interior side door.Photo: Johnny screwdriver in hand fixing to remove the old lock set.Photo: The old lock set.  I just put it in the box the new lock came in.  I suspect I'll re-install it if we ever move.Photo: All but done with the install.  If you look close you can see the cable and connector are still not plugged in.  Based on the instructions the batteries (4 AA) are suppose to last 2 years.  Told time to install from taking it out of the box to locking and unlocking from my phone was 30 minutes.Photo: Yeah it does not match.  The house hardware is all antique brass that is now really antique (as in 25 years+).  The lock only came in bronze and nickel.  I guess I should have ordered bronze.  Oh well.Photo: Johnny was a great helper.  He actually was the one that did the bind of the lock to the hub.Photo: This is the hub/bridge that allows the door to be locked and unlocked from the phone.  It allows other z-wave and Zigbee devices to be controlled.  There is no monthly fee for using SmartThings.Photo: Phone screen capture of the Back Door showing the door is currently locked.  Touching the green icon or pressing the Unlock button will unlock it.  The Activity shows the date and time the door was unlocked manually or using the phone.Photo: Smartthings dashboard.  The 11 'Things' are the lights switches, appliance modules, door locks etc that are currently installed and controlled.  The Convenience is one 'task' that will turn on an appliance module (heater) if the indoor temp goes below 70. It was just a test task I set up.  The Home and Family shows Maryann's and my mobile phone along with the boys presence sensors are all in range of the hub.  I bought one sensor ($30 each) for each boy and put it in there back packs.  Maryann will get a text message when they come home.  We'll see when they come home from school on Monday if that all works.