20 Photos - Dec 11, 2014
Photo: SEM images of a quarter, shrunken quarter, and German beer token.

Also on the stage but not imaged: a penny and a random lump of copper.Photo: Liberty (quarter)Photo: The B in Liberty (quarter)Photo: Deep in the B in Liberty (quarter)Photo: Shrunken liberty (quarter)Photo: Shrunken liberty (quarter)Photo: Like elephant skin (shrunken quarter)Photo: In God We Trust (shrunken quarter)Photo: Tr in Trust (shrunken quarter)Photo: T in Trust (shrunken quarter)Photo: Beer stein tokenPhoto: Beer stein tokenPhoto: Beer stein tokenPhoto: beer edge, 800xPhoto: beer edge, 220xPhoto: beer edge, 35xPhoto: penny, x18Photo: penny, x35Photo: penny, x35Photo: penny, x90