15 Photos - Aug 23, 2012
Photo: The OA Omnium is setting up at the Westshore Velodrome.Photo: Race line - thanks to all our volunteers and supporters!Photo: A blurry Dave Shishkoff prepares for his Flying Lap effort, with zero warm-up. ;)Photo: New OA Victoria sponsor Lysanne Lavigne from Equinox Health Clinic helping out and checking results.Photo: The C bunch, mostly junior riders, as young as 13!!Photo: Photo: A break-away in the B group.Photo: 'A' riders line up.Photo: Your faithful race organizer jumps into the bunch as well!Photo: Too fast for film.Photo: Our chaotic prize table, everyone walked off with a prize, thanks so much to Sarah's Place, Oak Bay Bikes, Green Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant, Equinox Health Clinic, Purica and Vega for providing prizes!Photo: Joel Taylor from the Victoria Academy of Cycling posts the 2nd fastest 3km Pursuit time.Photo: Day 2 at the picturesque Westshore Velodrome.Photo: The sun set as racing continues..thanks to Purica for providing a tent for the officials.Photo: Racing continued on after dark, and we turned on the lights for some fun night-time racing.