17 Photos - Nov 9, 2011
Photo: The new Google LA office is located at the former Chiat/Day Building, commonly called the Binoculars Building for an obvious reason.  It was designed by Frank Gehry, whose next project in Los Angeles was the Disney Concert Hall.Photo: One of the striking features of the office is this large copper staircase.  It casts a beautiful glowing light all around as the sun shines through the skylights above.Photo: A big open cafe area opens up to the outdoor patio area.  Behind the sharply angled wooden walls are work areas.Photo: There's art displayed all over the building, including this dedicated gallery space.Photo: The chalk tunnel has been inaugurated with some art already.  The graffiti is particularly fitting for Venice, an LA neighborhood.Photo: There's a broad catwalk on the second floor.Photo: The Eames meeting room is built with glass walls all around and just a single walkway connecting to it, giving it a floating, isolated feel.Photo: A common room with a very summery feel.Photo: Google graffiti.Photo: These metal sculptures also serve as parking areas for the Google bicycles.Photo: Check-in for our opening party.Photo: The reception desk is a tangled tree sculpture.Photo: L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at our office opening.Photo: The mayor got to chat with the Street View team and check out their nifty trike.Photo: Thomas Williams, the director of the LA office, gives a welcome speech outside.Photo: Work stations from above.Photo: A wooden chandelier hangs from the ceiling in the game room.