73 Photos - Nov 11, 2012
Photo: Run 4 Vets group photoPhoto: # 754 is rocketing to the finish line and enjoying the run tremendouslyVideo: # 754, and 760 & 761 hot on the trail to the finish line.Photo: #760 and 761 finish the race together with plenty left for a sprint perhaps, lolPhoto: glad were are done with this oneVideo: The actual winner of todays event.Photo: # 780 funning barefoot is the winner of today's event. Way to go young ManVideo: 100' away from finish line great job young ladyPhoto: I'll be right their, great job young lady congrats on not only finishing but finishing strongVideo: # 785 great run young ladyPhoto: Hear she comines Ms # 785 sees the finish line and is running hardVideo: One of the running group member from Paul Turnbaugh running groupPhoto: # 767 has been enjoying the run today, was a special forces Veteran in Viet NamVideo: with a sprint to the finish linePhoto: #787 sprinting to the finish linePhoto: why howdy Robin the wind is having so much fun with your hair, lol Many Many Thanks for being her to help Run 4 Vets 1st annual runVideo: running strong to the finish line Thank You young ManPhoto: # 751 motors hard to the finish lineVideo: two young ladies motoring home strongPhoto: # 786 running hard to the finish line, perfect form young ladyVideo: Way to go guysPhoto: buddies started together and will finish together # 757 & 753Photo: striding to the finish line is # 772Video: running real strong to the finish line this I think couplePhoto: She is almost home # 766Video: finish line is just ahead congratsPhoto: I'm almost their # 778Photo: Dad with his daughters who all finished strong todayPhoto: As Anna Sourile points out to the tiems who was the real winner, he did three laps in the back instead of 1Photo: # 758 running strong to the finish line as everyone encourages them homeVideo: Husband and wife make itPhoto: I did it I did it, finish line is herePhoto: Congrats everyone finished and look really strongPhoto: as the team awaits the runners to collect their chipsPhoto: Photo: Pauline Boyle and her running buddy finishing todays Run 4 VetsPhoto: part of a group that ran the other course # 755 & 756Photo: as the finishers enjoying some time at the finish line areaPhoto: Active Army Elliott Turnbaugh with Marine Veteran Anna SourilePhoto: Anna Sourile from Run 4 Vets shows the power water that is going to be a great sponsor for next years Run 4 Vets event.Photo: Marine Marty Lenzen is here supporting Run 4 Vets but also Toys for TotsPhoto: Marine Veteran Dan Boucek is on deck to support todays 1st annual Run 4 Vets programPhoto: reading the necessary information to get connectedPhoto: Was the Run 4 Vets a great event today?  I'll let you be the judge fo ryourself. Truly happy ladies after todays Run 4 Vets today. Ladies a million Thank You's for being herePhoto: Elliott Turnbaugh with two beautiful young ladies who are friends of the familyPhoto: Now this group had some fun today, lol. Robin Schultz and Anna Sourile jump in with the runners today.Photo: Robin Schultz, Marty Smith III, ?, Paul Turnbaugh, Elliott Turnbaugh, Anna Sourile, and the Turnbaughs friendsPhoto: Robin Schultz and Marty Smith III two members from Tri-County Leathernecks supporting Run 4 Vets that are here today.Photo: Yes they made it, Thanks for running today at the Run 4 VetsVideo: The overall winnerPhoto: Thank You Son, what a great run you did today. Awesome and barefoot to boot, very coolVideo: Josh O'Hare Great jobPhoto: Congratulations your ran a great race todayVideo: Margaret wins 19 and under, Joe wins 30 under group not herePhoto: Way to go young ladyVideo: Elliott Turnbaugh active Army VeteranPhoto: Active Duty Army Paul Turnbaugh shows off his certificate from Run 4 VetsVideo: 40 to 49 Jack Navy Veteran can you say ChiefPhoto: Navy Veteran Chief shows off his Run 4 Vets certificatePhoto: Mr infidel opps I mean Paul Turnbaugh wins his AGE group run todayVideo: 50 to 59 Paul Turnbaugh winner of his age groupPhoto: whopee comes to mind as Paul Turnbaugh shows off his certificateVideo: Part of paul Turnbaugh's running crew here today with his two daughters who ran as well.Photo: Paul's friend and running buddy wins a certificate today as well at Run 4 VetsVideo: Andrea wins a wonderful certificate as wellPhoto: Congratulations Ma'am what a great race today for Run 4 VetsPhoto: Mr 76 years old wins his age group and ran one great raceVideo: Richard Mr. 76 years old wins his age group, Awesome Job Sir Thank You for being herePhoto: Sir you won your age group and at 76 running today and finishing was just awesome Great job Sir you did great.Photo: Pauline Boyle you did great today. Standing next to a Special Force Viet Nam Veteran. Pauline you did great today, keep up the great workPhoto: Run 4 Vets Mrs get it done at all cost Anna Sourile says Thank YouPhoto: Marine Veteran Dan Boucek & Anna Sourile, perhaps a generation apart but certainly Marine Brother and Sister for life. What a great event today at Run 4 Vets.Video: 30 to 39 winner is Crystal Hansen  not here