72 Photos - Nov 11, 2012
Photo: Robin Schultz, Dan Boucek and Anna Sourile part of the Marine family hear today with Marty Lenzen in the back ground a Marine as wellVideo: As the Run 4 Vets event is getting ready to startPhoto: Run 4 Vets volunteersPhoto: Photo: Run 4 VetsPhoto: Run 4 VetsPhoto: Anna Sourile from Run 4 Vets saying Hi, greeting everyone with a friendly HiPhoto: Photo: Elliott Turnbaugh and his Dad Paul TurnbaughPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: CJ Sourile part of todays team for Run 4 VetsPhoto: Photo: Army on deck, where's the race I'm readyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Your not that fast Paul, not even close,  lolPhoto: Honest I'm excited about running todayPhoto: Where is the course I'm ready lets goPhoto: Paul Turnbaugh talking with Robin SchultzPhoto: Part of the great voluntee group helping out todayPhoto: helping heal veterans thru horsesPhoto: No No Son your not even close, lolPhoto: Photo: 1st Cav is on deck with BraveheartsPhoto: Marine Anna Sourile made this happed and she is directing some one in who is lost lolPhoto: part of the great team at at TLS, Ted is certainly having fun todayPhoto: I made it hear now where do I sign upPhoto: It's a running team with Elliott an active Duty Army home for the weekend.Photo: nope still asleep but soon she will wake upPhoto: Photo: more runners coming in to sign up for the event todayPhoto: beautiful ladies being attacked, lolPhoto: Marine, Marine family member and Navy, Well OK your right beautiful women to boot, Anna Sourile, ? and Carrie CogninePhoto: I made it where do I sign upPhoto: Veterans one and allPhoto: Anna I'm hear thanks for the great weather for the run todayPhoto: part of todays team discussing some issuesPhoto: cameras were every wherePhoto: The ladies are ready for todays race, and yes # 786 is now fully awakePhoto: the group is getting ready for the start of the racePhoto: More running coming to the start as well as some wanting to see the startPhoto: Photo: Photo: Now remember you must go that way, lolVideo: last minute instruction for todays run and please don't laugh at the starting whisle oK. lol As Runner # 766 is waving to everyone sayingPhoto: and they are off and running at the 1st annual Run 4 Vets eventPhoto: as the walks embark as well. with a couple of late runners go to catch up as wellPhoto: part of todays Run 4 Vets team discuss todays startPhoto: really cool T-Shirt for the event todayPhoto: as the runners come in she has the electronic tag machine that logs in their timesPhoto: here comes the 1st runners inVideo: as the 1st runners are coming in, with # 762 being the 1st lady past the finish linePhoto: #'s 769 and 771 are rounding the corner to the finish linePhoto: Here comes the Father and Son teamPhoto: The Turnbaugh's # 776 and 777 getting a glimpest of the finish line around the corner, Elliott and Paul Turnbaugh, as Elliott points at his old Man can you believe he's made it this far, lolVideo: Here comes the Turnbaugh father and son team, a 76 year old Gentlemen running all the way home. The Ladies enjoying a brisk run this morning and checking up on life's journeyPhoto: go get'm Sir # 765 will be the winner in the 70 to 80 group, Way to go Sir at 76 your rockinVideo: Paul Turnbaugh's running buddyPhoto: # 763 great job go get'mVideo: Congrats Sir the finish line is only 300' aheadPhoto: #  770  is hanging lose and sees the finish line ahead. Great JobVideo: Navy Veteran Chief on his way to the finish line, Way to go NavyPhoto: as Chief motors home, great jobPhoto: He did it finished and is the winner of his age group. Sir at 76 Thank You for being hereVideo: One great American a 76 year old runner makes sure he cools down properly to make sure he doesn't cramp up. Congratulation Sir