92 Photos - Jul 15, 2011
Photo: Jelly Belly Lime!

Mix of #3D   #CGI  and #PhotographyPhoto: This time it's +Jelly Belly Sport Beans in the spotlight.Photo: Mix of studio photography, splash photography, purchased stock imaging, and CGI to create this ad for +Jelly BellyPhoto: More of that sweet Jelly Belly work by +Elevendy. This time we moistened the hand and piled on +Splenda to give a candy-coated look.

#photoshop   #candy   #retouchingPhoto: One in a series of 10 images for +Jelly Belly showing their "true-to-life flavors" for an international audience. by +Elevendy.Photo: +Sacramento Kings player Demarcus Cousins, by +ElevendyPhoto: For the +Sacramento Kings based on the last sketch I posted. Our team killed it on this mix of #CGI   #Photoshop  and #Retouching .Photo: Final sketch work for the +Sacramento Kings from last season.Photo: Pre-vis for Sacramento KingsPhoto: SKD Calendar - Miss March 2014Photo: SKD Calendar - February '14Photo: SKD Calendar - January '14Photo: SKD Calendar - DecemberPhoto: SKD Calendar - FebruaryPhoto: SKD Dancer: CarlyPhoto: Model and SKD Dancer Moira. For the cover of the Sacramento Kings Dancer Calendar.Photo: From the 2012 +California Family Fitness Print/Billboard Campaign.

Shot in studio with 2 rim lights behind on either side of subject and a front left fill via beauty dish. Shot with a +LensRentals.com Hasselblad H4D-40.

Post-processing in +Adobe Systems Photoshop CS6 & +Wacom Americas  (M) Intuous 4 wireless.Photo: Ahh

Another image from the 2012 +California Family Fitness Print/OOH Campaign. Shot in studio with 2 rim lights (Profoto D1s I believe) behind on either side of subject and a front left fill via beauty dish if I remember correctly. Shot with a +LensRentals.com Hasselblad H4D-40. Post-processing in MS-Paint. Kidding. +Adobe Systems  Photoshop CS6 & +Wacom Americas (M) Intuous 4 wireless

Shout-outs to +PATRICK BUMPUS, +Wil Wells, +Samantha Ward, +Isaac Trumbo, and +Joseph Sliger along with the rest of team +Elevendy Photo: California Family Fitness © Elevendy Inc.Photo: Adventurers of the New World.
Just before the apocalypse that took +TWiT Photo from our planet, we were able to get this shot of our fearless leaders, +Catherine Hall and +Leo Laporte.

by +Elevendy 

See the final episode of TWiT Photo, featuring co-founders of Elevendy here: TWiT Photo 66: Pixel Perfect ElevendyPhoto: +Rileah Vanderbilt pin-up style for Team Unicorn.

by +Elevendy Photo: +Milynn Sarley pin-up style for Team Unicorn.Photo: +Michele Boyd pin-up style for Team Unicorn.Photo: +Clare Grant is a Badass
for Team Unicorn

by +Elevendy Photo: Team Unicorn (Clare Grant, Rileah Vanderbilt, Michele Boyd, and Milynn Sarley) © Elevendy Inc 2012Photo: Final Image in our Jane Bond 008 Series

by +Elevendy Photo: Jane Bond 008 Series - Penultimate image

by +Elevendy Photo: Jane Bond 008 Series
Featuring Zachary Levi (From NBCs Chuck)

by +Elevendy Photo: Jane Bond 008 Series
See portfolio for the rest of this series.

by +Elevendy Photo: Jane Bond 008 Series
Gentleman "Q" (+Chris Hardwick) shows Jane Bond and her partner his newest invention.

by +Elevendy Photo: Jane Bond 008 Series
International Jewel Thief Zachary Levi (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1157048/)

by +Elevendy Photo: +Chris Hardwick of +Nerdist in our Jane Bond 008 Series.

by +Elevendy Photo: Isaiah Mustafa
The uncomfortable sidekick

by +ElevendyPhoto: Alison Haislip
Car roof chase scene

by +Elevendy Photo: Jane Bond 008 Series
(w/ Isaiah Mustafa, Alison Haislip, and +Chris Hardwick)

by +Elevendy Photo: Want to learn some of the behind-the-scenes processing tips we used on this photo composite?

Then tune in to +TWiT Photo tomorrow (Tuesday) around 1p to see +Wil Wells of Team +Elevendy and myself share some pro-tips on the specific digital post processing that went in to creating it!

Find the show at http://twit.tv/photo
We'll also be revealing the epic image we finished for +Leo Laporte and +Catherine Hall! PLUS there are rumors of a gift or two coming their way as a thank-you from our team to theirs on this final episode of TWiT Photo.Photo: Campaign art for Ubisoft's upcoming release - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

By +Elevendy Photo: Expanded full Splinter Cell: Blacklist keyart, created by my amazing crew at team +Elevendy in conjunction with some amazing folks from +Ubisoft - Kudos to everyone involved on this!

+Wil Wells +Alice Woodruff +Drew Lundquist +Dustin Ljung +kristin cox Photo: Finally time for the reveal now that E3 is winding down... This is the Keyart we did in conjunction with the Ubisoft Creative team for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Huge Kudos to the entire team at +Ubisoft and +Elevendy on this project, all the long nights were worth it!Photo: More from the +California Family Fitness Billboard campaign!Photo: It's not all ninjas, superheros, and video games here at +Elevendy. Sometimes we get our rocks off on some straight up portraits too. Here's a shot of Revel8 Pro Rider Matt Hein for you to drool over ;-)Photo: New billboard work
BTW the entire +Elevendy office is currently listening to +Skrillex and gettin' it done son!Photo: Well I can't even describe how much fun the +Elevendy team had on this shoot with +Clare Grant, Seth Green, and the rest of the Team Unicorn ladies. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come.

The Deets:
Shot on a Hasselblad H4D-40
Octabank as fill to the front right
2 rims behind for highlights
Real Mutha F'n GunsPhoto: New stuff!
Commercial billboard work for a regional fitness center chain up here in Nor-CalPhoto: Our first game cover (first of many to come)Photo: From the Mikuni Sushi commercial poster series "Some call it Magic, we call it Mikuni"Photo: [DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME]Photo: The final in our series for the +Sacramento Kings 2011/2012 season. Looking forward to working with them again next season! Stay tuned for more cool new work from the +Elevendy team, as well as updates as we prepare for E3!Photo: This is the second to last installment showing the work we did for the +Sacramento Kings 2011/2012 season! Final shot from the series will be posted later this evening :-)Photo: Jason Thompson © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Isaiah Thomas © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Another from the +Sacramento Kings series.Photo: He's got the hot hand!Photo: Donte Green © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: +Sacramento Kings Jimmer Fredette shoots daggers! #KingsAllDayPhoto: Tyler Honeycutt & Hassan Whiteside © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Well he's not on the team anymore, but here's the shot we did while he was ;-)Photo: Finally releasing some more new stuff.
Stay tuned in March as the rest of the +Sacramento Kings work is posted, get cues on lighting, editing, and maybe a photoshop tip or two.Photo: NEW WORK
The +Sacramento Kings are an awesome group to work with. We really had a lot of fun conceptualizing, shooting, and doing the post work on these. More to come over the next few days.Photo: DeMarcus Cousins, +Sacramento KingsPhoto: Full final of what has been dubbed "The Spirit King"

Jersey is high resolution photography
Rest of subject and background is 3D rendered clean, then textures lighting and shading added in post
Logo treated with same metallic finish to matchPhoto: THE KING
We recently had the opportunity to work with the NBA's Sacramento Kings to produce a new direction for their 2012 season look and feel. Having always been wary of crossing over into the cutesy version of the medeivel tie-in their name conjures up, they were quite concerned that this new look needed to stay as far from that as possible.

+Elevendy and Kings Creative Directors came up with the idea to keep the look darker, more ominous, ala Game of Thrones. We think we nailed it... you?

#3d #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #photoshop #elevendyisamazingPhoto: Final shot that will be shared from the Eleven project. Thought this was appropriate in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday... and all the people going crazy over saving a couple bucks.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #photoshop #elevendyisamazingPhoto: Completing the full sleeve... ouch.

This was a fun shot, we actually shot this one outside on a nice sunny day using our buddy +Sean Hoffman who was perfectly buff, huge, and bald for us. Hands shot separately and added in post along with tattoos.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #photoshop #elevendyisamazing #ouchtattooshurtPhoto: Copyright Elevendy Inc. 2011Photo: Another from our series for SF ad agency Eleven Inc. Can you spot the references to the number 11? call them out when you see 'em.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #photoshop #elevendyisamazingPhoto: [Butterfly in the sky...]
I can fly twice as high. You wanted higher resolution, you got it. See if you can find all the references to 11 in this commissioned image we did for San Francisco ad agency "Eleven Inc." You don't have to count them but call 'em out when you see 'em.

Again, huge thanks to +Christine Young and +Ray Young for letting us use their daughter Julia for this image.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #photoshop #elevendyisamazingPhoto: [The Devil is in the Details]
Here's the closer 'detail' crop of our "The Eleventh Hour" image. This is one of my favorites from the series. The model was absolutely perfect to work with.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #photoshop #elevendyisamazingPhoto: The Eleventh Hour
Another image from the commissioned set by a large San Francisco ad agency named, of all things, "11". Can you count the number of 11 references? right answer gets a gold star.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #photoshop #elevendyisamazingPhoto: Commission work for an ad agency in San Francisco.
Oh and a huge thanks to +Christine Young for letting us borrow one of her twins!

#PlusPhotoExtract #WowWednesdayPhoto: The razor blade trick.Photo: The Sure Thing.Photo: The sun got in my eyes...Photo: The new hotness
You tell me... was this shot in studio or on location? high five if you get it right.Photo: Dave Lynam - DLP Pro Model Poster
The penultimate from our poster series for Revel8, meet Dave Lynam the "Zombie-Brain-Bashing Skiboard Superstar"Photo: Revel8 Skiboards - Zombie Defense Technology Series

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #photoshop #elevendyisamazingPhoto: Nothing like the smell of Zombies burning in the morning.

[Zombie Defense Technology Series for Revel8 Skiboards.]
In case you missed it.Photo: New work released!Photo: With our latest image we wanted to show another side of our capabilities, we're not just the zombie/robot/alien guys.

Also, +Scott jarvie was with us on this shoot, he's an excellent stand-in for lighting tests :-) and he ran a live hangout during the shoot!Photo: Alison Haislip © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Alison Haislip & Dave Cox © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Alison Haislip © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Alison Haislip © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Dave Cox © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Joe Duarte - Bag Breaking MMA BadassPhoto: Joe Duarte © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: David & Goliath © Elevendy Inc. 2012Photo: Another simple portrait. Obviously we love when we're asked to go "over the top" with a project, the rest of the portfolio shows that quite well. This band wanted a more reserved look to their new images and we were happy to keep things simple for them.Photo: Straight up head shot for one-half of an amazing musical duo.Photo: With all the crazy concepts our team puts together, sometimes it can be nice to get back to basics with straight up portraiture. +Jason Everett is a good friend who was in major need of a head-shot upgrade/update, in fact I think you can still see the previous one on his G+ profile.Photo: Here's some fun work we did for #Ubisoft  on Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

#CGI   #Retouching   #DigitalArt  Photo: The latest from our studio integrating CG & Photography. Scroll to the bottom to see the build-up of this shot, hope you like it!

#photoshop   #CGI   #Retouching