19 Photos - Mar 29, 2012
Photo: Today was DONATION DAY!Photo: We had about 30 ladies join us for lunch. A friend shared about Ryves Youth Center feeding programs, and I shared basic coupon info and how to give without going broke. This was the handout!Photo: We asked all ladies to bring some samples from home. The center always needs hygiene items. WHAT A HAUL!!!Photo: I had a little contest, and asked everyone to guess how much I spent on everything I bought (and displayed) after coupons.Photo: The 4 ladies closet to my after-coupon price got Couponing for Good Starter Packs! $115+ in cut coupons plus a mini organizer!Photo: I used many props during my class, including All You magazine - a great source for coupons!Photo: I had 5 bags of food and 1 basket of samples that I brought in...Photo: ...and the samples from all the ladies added another 7 bags!Photo: We doubled the amount we were able to donate!!Photo: Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall is overseen by Catholic Charities. They have SO MANY programs, including many feeding programs.Photo: This closet is where they keep items that they get as direct donations and also "buy" at 19 cents a pound.Photo: This food is used in their Backpack Program, which gives children a small bag of food to take home for the weekend, giving them a source of food until they can come back to the center.Photo: The items are sorted and then assembled. They put together at least 70 bags of food each week.Photo: They try to give items from all food groups and are easy to prepare.Photo: They also serve dinner every night after school. Kids and sometimes their parents eat dinner, which is sometimes their only meal of the day.Photo: I got to see their library. It is very small, but well stocked with books. They have reading programs and tutors, too.Photo: This room is a "bonus" room. They kids can earn points for doing things during the week, and when they get enough points, they can get a free toy or other item. The clothing is also kept at the back of this room.Photo: By having a points reward system, it helps teach the kids that not everything in life is just handed out...that their efforts have a pay off!Photo: Before I left I asked to take a picture with "The Jims". Jim Edwards and Jim Pinkstaff manage the center. It was very nice to meet them!