130 Photos - Sep 4, 2012
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hotel 1: The breakfast room. Sit on the cusions, but a foot well so you're not cross-legged.Photo: Photo: Ooo, I happened to sit next to a map.Photo: Photo: Photo: Meiji Jingu ShrinePhoto: View from the bottom of Torikthe Grand Shrine GatePhoto: Torikthe Grand Shrine Gate, the biggest of it's kind in JapanPhoto: Looking over Harajuku Station, back towards Shinjuku and the building that looks like the Empire State Building.Photo: Why bother with photos outside restaurants, in Japan they have plastic models of the dishes.Photo: I saw a man in a uniform with this logo pushing it along. The stray cat catcher? No, turns out there are lots of them delivering parcels across the city.Photo: Everything gets built around everything else.Photo: Photo: Interesting buildings and a DLR-like curving high-level train track.Photo: Photo: Every building site had flowers outside the site office, and a tap to water them.Photo: Raised motorway just stops!Photo: Photo: Photo: Flower field.Photo: Apparently it's very rare for this plant to flower.Photo: Duck-hunting Hide.Photo: In the centre of Tokyo. http://osm.org/go/7Q5tHzgxPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Duck hunting channelPhoto: Memorial to the ducksPhoto: Photo: Lots of SEGA buildings in TokyoPhoto: Electric City (Akihabara) http://osm.org/go/7Q54Mbe8b-Photo: Mapping Party Tea HousePhoto: Photo: Building site showing the sound inside and outside to show they care. It was about 27 dB outside, until we did a little bit of shouting.Photo: Photo: Shinjuku at nightPhoto: I liked naming the skyscrapers, this one I called the Atari building. Later I found out it was the Atari building!Photo: Lunch at the conference, a bento box.Photo: SotM12 Conference badge and lunch 'way' coins.Photo: SotM12 Welcome DinnerPhoto: Even the rubbish trucks are short.Photo: My breakfast. Bread from the local corner shop, the thing on the left was really yummy.Photo: Approaching Shinjuku Station, there is a reminder that I want the Odakyu LinePhoto: Need to work out what ticket to buy...Photo: Photo: Photo: The lecture hall juts out of the building.Photo: Photo: Photo: This elevator gave interesting messages like "Sorry the elevator is crowded"Photo: Photo: Photo: Dinner on a boat.Photo: Photo: Mike was probably giving us some insightful information about Japanese culture.Photo: SotM delegates take over a whole subway carriagePhoto: Photo: Photo: Wow, touch screen tables in the bar. If only they worked well.Photo: Ah, a mapPhoto: Plotting the conference locationPhoto: State of the Map, on the mapPhoto: Capsules in the capsule hotelPhoto: My home for a few nights
http://www.livingwithdragons.com/2012/09/staying-in-a-capsule-hotelPhoto: Me in my Japanese PJsPhoto: Photo: View from the capsule hotel (only windows were in the elevator)Photo: Ticket pricesPhoto: Another SotM day, another bento box to tryPhoto: Photo: Big screens in ShinjukuPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: SteveC's heavies, making Dermot try a G in JapanPhoto: He's had enough, no more!Photo: Super high tech information displays. Tell you which side the platform will be on and where the stairs arePhoto: Photo: Console to turn on the capsules behind the reception deskPhoto: Clean feet elevator on left, dirty shoes on the rightPhoto: Photo: BreakfastPhoto: Jon Pigeon?Photo: Arty photoPhoto: Spot the drunk man in the morningPhoto: Nippori Station. Instead of changing trains, I went for a walk to pass the time. http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=35.72372&lon=139.77358&zoom=16&layers=MPhoto: Photo: Poster for the Art Uni. Nice artistic curl on the end was not intentional, but I liked itPhoto: Walking through the park http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=35.71614&lon=139.77491&zoom=16&layers=MPhoto: Looking South from Ueno StationPhoto: Thin curved buildingPhoto: Ahh, this is my stationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Passing the countryside, I was beginning to think Japan didn't have anyPhoto: Sushi Station?Photo: Wild Bamboo!Photo: Yay, a Post Office open on SundayPhoto: Airports that have these are cool.Photo: Photo: Security need a box to stand on to see above WesternersPhoto: My plane homePhoto: The pilot informed us we were passing Mt Fiji, but I might have missed it while waiting for the English translationPhoto: London 2012 Olympic ParkPhoto: Tower Bridge and LondonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Testing my knowledge of West LondonPhoto: Kew area?Photo: Sunset at Heathrow AirportPhoto: Terminal 5 constructionPhoto: