59 Photos - May 26, 2012
Photo: The Nursery
under grow cloth roofPhoto: Blackberry
first yearPhoto: Kentucky Wonder Pole BeansPhoto: Burgundy Beans
to keep the color these have to be cooked in the microwave, otherwise they lose their coating and are green on the dinner platePhoto: Burgundy Pole BeansPhoto: Burgundy Pole Beans 
ready for harvest.Photo: Beets 
4 varieties 
a tubular, two hybrids and a golden (my favorite)Photo: view from the high point of the gardenPhoto: View from Upper area of garden
Grapes look like they may produce some this year; lemons still need a while.Photo: Kentucky Wonder Pole BeansPhoto: Beets, and pole beansPhoto: Bush Beans (bottom and left); bell peppers (right) and a peppery lettuce gone to seed in the center.  I am awaiting the seeds to collect for replantingPhoto: My Vertical Garden
Asparagus (foreground), Pole beans (left and upper center), Zucchini (center), and Neighbor's house (above)Photo: pomegranatesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Should be grapes this yearPhoto: Acorn Squash, Bell Peppers and TomatoesPhoto: BeetsPhoto: Pomegranate startingPhoto: Kentucky Wonders, colored carrots and onions in this plotPhoto: NurseryPhoto: Transplanted LettucePhoto: LettucePhoto: something loves the mandarin orange leavesPhoto: Mandarin Orange Tree Limping alongPhoto: Plum Tree is a little late this yearPhoto: Not enough wire for these Kentucky Wonder Pole BeansPhoto: Kentucky Wonder Pole BeansPhoto: Burgundy Pole beans starting the climbPhoto: first harvest of 2012Photo: first harvest of 2012Photo: The erotic veggiesPhoto: some harvestPhoto: Zuchini Blossom with my favorite Carpenter BeePhoto: Great year for bell peppers in my gardenPhoto: As I just saidPhoto: Prolific Tomatoes for the first time in 3 yearsPhoto: Casper the friendly pumpkinPhoto: little fellow will be tasty in a couple weeksPhoto: SquashPhoto: Bush Beans starting upPhoto: Pole beans on their wayPhoto: Cucumbers startingPhoto: Photo: Zuchini delightPhoto: Lower West QuarterPhoto: Lower East Corner (will be all Asparagus next year and an espalier apple treePhoto: Climbing CucumbersPhoto: Climbing Straight neck squashPhoto: PeppersPhoto: BeansPhoto: Asparagus seedsPhoto: Cucumber about ready for saladPhoto: a bit of mintPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: