39 Photos - Jun 4, 2015
Photo: Early morning mistPhoto: Photo: Trying to walk our bikes over the 1000 Island brodges - ughh, its tightPhoto: A Beautiful day!Photo: View crossing the 1000 Island bridgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Second breakfast stop - Kountry KottagePhoto: Photo: Our boat tourPhoto: Homes on "Millionaire’s Row" - 1000 IslandsPhoto: Photo: Boldt Castle - kids play housePhoto: Boldt Castle - power generation stationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Originally a boat house, later turned into a residencePhoto: The bridge from Canada we crossed on bikes earlier todayPhoto: Photo: Boldt CastlePhoto: Photo: 1000 Islands bridgePhoto: Photo: Boldt CastlePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bolt Castle - unfinished sectionPhoto: Photo: Clayton Distillery – we’ve tried wineries, now to the hard stuffPhoto: The Boat Museum - a 12 cylinder boat enginePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: