23 Photos - Jun 1, 2015
Photo: Near our hotel in Port WhitbyPhoto: biking along the LakeshorePhoto: Waiting for Walmart to open - dressed for the cold morningPhoto: Lilacs are in full blom now - what a treat!Photo: The Waterfront bike trail takes us through this areaPhoto: Jeff entering Second Marsh Wildlife areaPhoto: General Motor assembly plantPhoto: On the trailPhoto: This observation viewer was free!!Photo: One of many harbors along the lakePhoto: A closer view of a typical harborPhoto: talk about a twisted tree - a hard life!Photo: More rural roads today - out of the city trailsPhoto: Photo: Photo: A sure sign we are out of the citiesPhoto: Photo: Our first mom & pop - Basel’s DeliPhoto: Our bikes safe and in view, our food order ready - pararadise!!Photo: Photo: Jeff, is that you?Photo: How many people had to jump into this net?Photo: