19 Photos - Sep 22, 2011
Photo: Venezuelan Embassy photographer stands in for lighting and sound check for the VTV Venezuelan State TV camera.Photo: Evo Morales prays for Hugo Chávez at Riverside Church in New York City.Photo: Bolivian President Evo Morales and Venezuelan Foreign Minister arriving at the prayer service for Hugo Chávez in New York.Photo: Evo Morales found the camera. Hola Evo!Photo: Sean Penn, Evo Morales and the other guests of honor at the NYC Hugo Chávez prayer service.Photo: Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro prays for Hugo Chávez health and appeals to Universal Love.Photo: The stage is set at Riverside Church. If only they knew how many weapons Chávez has purchased in recent years...Photo: The photo gallery. Note the special placement for Venezuelan State TV (VTV) outside the ropes in the background.Photo: "We pray--for his recuperation."Photo: The Hugo Chávez prayer service was poorly attended, despite the Venezuelan Embassy busing in attendees.Photo: Bulletin (cover) for the event.Photo: Photo gallery at prayer service for Hugo Chávez in New York City.Photo: Bulletin for Hugo Chávez prayer service (inside).Photo: Riverside Church, New York CityPhoto: Riverside Church, New York CityPhoto: Sean Penn pays his respects at the Hugo Chávez prayer service in New York City.Photo: VTV reporter prepares his next move (outside the ropes containing the rest of the media).Photo: VTV (Venezuelan State TV station) presents its pre-game coverage of the Hugo Chávez prayer service.Photo: Yes, we all sang "We Shall Overcome" together.