4 Photos - May 9, 2014
Photo: Ok I do recognize some stuff:  Oil Fill, Dip Stick, Valve cover?, Coolant Hose, Engine Block, Alternator, Massive Catalytic Converter.  Is that an AC hose on the left?Photo: From the back.  We saved two things from the old 2005 Accord: The License Plate, and the "Quick Pass" RFID Sticker.Photo: Front Left - There is the Quick-Pass RFID sticker on the windshield.  It easily peeled off the old car and stuck right on the new one.  The sticker is on the inside of the windshield just below where the rearview mirror is attached so that you can not see the sticker when you are driving.Photo: Front Right
 - Alloy Wheels, 4W-Disk Breaks.  The radio has a CD player and a bluetooth system that behaves like a 'hands-free' component for a cell phone equipped with bluetooth.  We 'paired' both our phones with the system.  I've not yet connected my iPod Touch or Evelyn's iPad but that is next.