20 Photos - Jan 22, 2012
Photo: These images are my personal adjustment to the excellent grocery bag instructions posted at http://www.greenisuniversal-reuse.com/fashion/fastest-recycled-t-shirt-tote-bag.  To begin with, I followed all of the instructions at that site except to sew the bottom seam of the bag.  I then cut out a couple of pieces of t-shirt material, approximately 6"X8", pinned right sides together, and sewed down one long side, across the short side, and back up the other long side.Photo: Fold over approximately 1/2" at the open end to contain the drawstring.Photo: Sew, leaving an inch or so gap at one of the seams (for the drawstring to pass through).Photo: That's how much gap I left.Photo: I then took my bag and pinned one of the long sides to the bottom hem of the t-shirt bag.  These are set wrong side to wrong side.Photo: A little closer and blurrier look.  I'm trying to get the seam I sewed on the bag as close to the bottom hem seam of the shirt.Photo: Sew along the bottom hem stitching of the shirt.  This is through both layers of t-shirt, and then through the bag, as close to the seam as I could.Photo: Close up.Photo: When you get to the open end of the drawstring bag, move it out of the way as you sew through so you don't close it up.Photo: I double-seamed the bottom, as I don't want to lose any groceries!Photo: Another view.Photo: Feed a drawstring through the pocket.  I used an old sport shoelace I had lying around.Photo: Here's the drawstring bag (inside out), sewn to the inside of the grocery bag (also inside out).Photo: Start turning the drawstring bag right-side out while you tuck the grocery bag inside it...Photo: Ta-da!  I had ink-jet printed an Unconsumption logo on the right side of my drawstring bag before I sewed it together.  I used this tutorial from TheCraftyGemini.com to do the printing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mH2R2dVQxcPhoto: Here's the finished bag!Photo: Untuck it...Photo: Here's my t-shirt grocery bag. The drawstring bag is inside out, inside the bag.  When you're done with the shopping, tuck it up again and stick the drawstring bag back into your purse, backpack, or glove box.Photo: There it is.Photo: