23 Photos - Oct 8, 2009
Photo: Winmau Tornado 22 gramsPhoto: My nickname at everythingdartsPhoto: Me throwingPhoto: Experimenting with g/f dartsPhoto: Throwing in local tournament finalsPhoto: 22 grams copper tungsten stilletos (gone!)Photo: black Unicorn John Part 25 grams (these are gone!)Photo: one of my first 3x dbl bulls on a very massacred boardPhoto: Practicing before a tournamentPhoto: previous darts (gone)Photo: Old Unicorn, 24 grams, 45mm barrels
(G/F's darts)!!Photo: Photo: just for funPhoto: Bottelsen Dave Fatum 20.6 grams/ 53mm (GONE!)Photo: Golden Unicorn Phil Taylor WC 22 grams (gone)Photo: Photo: Photo: Unicorn Paul Nicholson 20 gramsPhoto: Unicorn Bob Anderson gold 20 grams
(gone)Photo: EVO custom darts 18 grams (Gone!)Photo: Custom soft-tip darts 19 gramsPhoto: Unicorn John Part Hero 22 gramsPhoto: