311 Photos - Mar 1, 2013
Photo: The coming fog made the lights look like aliens.Photo: Nerd graffiti.Photo: These cables intrigued me.Photo: Someone at work must've been angry..Photo: Bubbles!  ...and a finger :(Photo: Mmm, dryer exhaust.Photo: The boy stands alone.Photo: Little Wormy (as I named him) came to watch me work out.Photo: I accidentally set the exposure too high, but then I reviewed it.. and I liked it.Photo: A shot of my WILD New Year's Eve.Photo: ...as easy as A-B-C.Photo: How and why?Photo: The party's over...Photo: "Haha, nope."Photo: What's been going down in our elevator.. something sinister or something kinky?Photo: Heh heh.. dog.Photo: Ruby's is the It's A Small World of the Mission Viejo mall.Photo: New gate features create new photo opportunities.Photo: It was misty... or someone was making out in the back seat of my car... or both.Photo: A wonderful night with friends, friends' parents, and friends' adorable Corgi.Photo: My neighborhood is pretty dull.  Look at all of those Christmas decorations!Photo: Visited Truman Benedict Elementary to talk about interning in a Transitional Kindergarten class next semester.Photo: These people.  Every year they light up their house like a strip mall... compare the brightness of those bulbs to the streetlight.  It's blinding to drive by.Photo: Very foggy.Photo: While picking up some In-N-Out for myself and a classmate before a late-night study session at school, I found the new addition to a classic sign amusing.  I might've just been tired.Photo: Like an old woman's hands.Photo: Some trash runs are more fun than othersPhoto: A bird exploded.Photo: Walking out of class, I found this sculpture.  There was nobody else around.Photo: Some school projects offer more fun than others.Photo: My ears were freezing when I woke up the morning before.  This was my solution.Photo: I can see into your SOUL!!Photo: A butterfly flower, ground into the pavement.Photo: The lighting panel in the ceiling of our service elevator at work is... creepy.Photo: What is this... GTA: Walking Dead?Photo: A bee came by to say hello.  So much pollen!Photo: If I believed in reincarnation: Michael Jackson.Photo: A fun look behind the scenes at Macy's.Photo: He has sharp, pointy teeth!Photo: I loved how the lighting greeted me after I came home from work.  Stark and pretty.Photo: A sight I hope none of you ever see: the inside of the mall at 4:30am (taken by a very tired man stumbling into work)Photo: Parking on the ramp of the structure at the mall allowed for an interesting view.Photo: I saw the forward tracks, but couldn't tell how the car left the scene.  Maybe it was going 88 mph?Photo: No matter how many times I see it, this always makes me smile :)Photo: For the holiday season, especially, mall workers are only supposed to park in certain spots.  At least it affords me a different view of the parking structure.Photo: The rain.. it has arrived.Photo: Accidental art, courtesy of my Art 380 classmate.Photo: I woke up to see that little bugger crawling on the ceiling right above my head.  Horror movie scenario?  It falls.Photo: I was doing push-ups when I really noticed something I've seen for so long... why is the dirt higher than the cement?Photo: Tagged along with a group of graduate students from UCI helping plant baby shrubs in Newport's Back Bay.. this was just a fraction of our work.Photo: This is my neighbor's dog, Lucy, who's staying with us for a week... and this is how Lucy greets you, falling onto her back for a tummy-rub with her tongue sticking out.Photo: This was much more interesting looking in person.. but three patterns just coincidentally met on my bedroom chair.Photo: "I bent my wookie."Photo: His bottom jaw is a little too wide, and I don't have quite enough space between his nose and mouth, but I created this surfacing shark in my Art 380 class, painted it, and the teacher cooked it and I like how he turned out... so it's a cool little pencil/key holder that I made with my own hands :)Photo: Someone in my house apparently believes this is an appropriate amount of toilet paper for the next user.Photo: Non-photoshop gradients are the best.Photo: My grandpa's watch in front of some of my favorite things.Photo: I try to avoid posting people on here, but at my boss's wedding last night, I had to capture a wonderful moment that the photographer was missing... I think I was the only one to notice it.Photo: Southern California autumn.Photo: Heisler Park view #2.  Note the paddleboarder out there.Photo: A view from the gazebo in Heisler Park, Laguna BeachPhoto: The mall's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Photo: I found the good seat in class.Photo: You're looking for a trail of ants...Photo: Haha, looks like SOMEone partied too hard this weekend...Photo: I found a dead dinosaur monster in my backyard.Photo: An extra from today, because the shots from yesterday didn't pan out.  I helped out at work setting up the new display, and this was my walk to do a trash run.  Normally lit alley becomes ominous dark deathwalk on Halloween.Photo: Sometimes my math class is fantastic.Photo: These make me happy.Photo: Well, it was prettier in person.Photo: Setting the mood for Halloween.Photo: What a grave(l) situation.Photo: I've been eating Snickers...Photo: What's in YOUR wallet?Photo: Pretty gross stuff.. but makes for a fun visual.Photo: I was sitting outside at school, and noticed this shot of layers.  I count about 6.Photo: This was before I smashed the window open to give them fresh air.Photo: Welp.. summer's gone.Photo: No special effects, just a really tight focus level.Photo: WavesPhoto: On a break from class, squatting in the door-frame of my car to block the sun... and ta-dah, interesting colorful picture!Photo: Make-up for missing Tuesday.. I love the camera abilities on my new phone, so I was just playing with exposure here.Photo: My classmate is Princess Jasmine, it seems.Photo: Old, manly weathered hands.Photo: Lonely lil' pine cone.Photo: While getting into my car, I found him dead on the ground, right next to my door.Photo: It's watching..Photo: I conquered (I believe) a math test, my seasonal allergy death was over, and I felt better than I'd felt in a week.  America!Photo: It's raining, it's pouring, the ol' stairs are dripping.Photo: Ah, the shift of allergy season.. what a beautiful sight it creates.Photo: He's a stud in Leisure World.Photo: Driving home from our Lego store 2-year anniversary dinner at BJ's, I realized that I was alone on the freeway.  Nobody behind me, nobody ahead of me... and it was strange.

One of the only times I'd feel comfortable taking a picture while driving, though.Photo: I barely rolled out of bed around 10am, turned on my PS3, and didn't turn it off until after midnight... and GTA V was spinning the entire time.Photo: Something about the under-shelf view struck as me as interesting.Photo: A double-take from today, to make up for missing Monday.Photo: From my point of view when I woke up this morning.Photo: The massive fog wall came a'rollin' in.Photo: The wind made a wish.Photo: Ah, home...Photo: :)Photo: Emotional Eyeore Eying Everyone.Photo: Stuck a feather in the grass and called it macaroni...Photo: As I sat in my car, the sun decided to make his first appearance of the day.Photo: You may think that sunlight may be an effect of the camera lens.. but it was pretty much doing that in real-life.. which is why I took a picture.Photo: Free tickets to my first ball-game on my first second date... and what a lovely evening it was.Photo: Who knew making a rain stick in art class would be so... industrial.Photo: Mornin', moon.Photo: It's like an artsy movie poster.Photo: Half-staffPhoto: Tic-tac-d'oh! (additional shot)Photo: Part 1 of what turned out to be an amazing week.Photo: A great battle was to take place herePhoto: Details in the sand (additional shot)Photo: A very foggy morning found a neighbors car dewy to no end.. except for the big drops from a palm branch above.Photo: Pfft, who you calling dimwit, Lego shipping jerk who can't spell dimwit?Photo: A nice photo doesn't have to complicated.  Sometimes you walk out of your garage and see something pretty.Photo: Parking lot Pangea.Photo: A... bumblebee??  I saw one in Boston for the first time in years, and now one here?!  They're makin' a comeback, me thinks :)Photo: I like my campus :)Photo: I'll have to thank my neighbor for not moving their car in a while.Photo: Discoveries on the floor of the Lego store are sometimes quite interesting.Photo: And the clouds and the sky... they continue to amaze.Photo: Abandoned on the side of the road... hair-worthy, no more.Photo: Spotted a rainbow splashed across the freeway offramp sign... and was actually able to capture it.Photo: :)Photo: The dewey webs looked a bit like the classic m-shaped birds one draws as a kid.Photo: Peek-a-boo with the sun during my morning workout.Photo: "A wedding?  I love weddings!"Photo: Sandbox mess + water drops + rising sun = BAMPhoto: Today's clouds were either CGI or a matte painting.Photo: Tee-hee.. it was dancing!Photo: I'd like to tell you it was still alive.Photo: There are benefits to waking up early to workout outdoors...Photo: Sew... sew like the win- ah, crap.Photo: Godzilla's next foe...Photo: So I missed yesterday's shot.. I'd just gotten back from vacation, I was busy.  Leaf me alone about it.Photo: Can you tell the time by looking at the sun's reflection off of your watch onto the airplane interior next to you as you fly?

Neither can I.Photo: :D
I had to add a bonus to make up for missing one later in the week... and I think this is a darn good way to make up for it :)Photo: What happens in Boston, stays in Boston.Photo: :)Photo: Hitchcock's lost movie, Front Window.Photo: "Button, button, who's got the button?"Photo: Ya know.. if you're going to take a vacation to see friends and their new baby, there really are worse places to stay.Photo: My body thought it was only 2:30 am... the sky said otherwise.Photo: Heading out from the new concourse at Long Beach airport on my overnight flight to Boston.Photo: I took a fun little shot of these fellas hanging out on top of Target, but then as I headed to my car, they took off... I'm lucky I grabbed it without blur!Photo: I don't think that's how sockets work...Photo: This was one of those days when ya just don't feel like taking a picture.Photo: Took a break from dancing at a wedding reception, and found the Cheshire cat in the sky smiling at us through the lights.Photo: I just thought the coloring and cracks of my neighborhood street were pretty.Photo: "Danes... I hate these guys."Photo: Aw, the mama road dot had babies!Photo: I have all my ducks in a row.Photo: I woke up this morning and these guys were watching me.Photo: 1 big bottle of booze at the park,
1 big bottle of booze,
Pick it up, drink it down,
intoxicated fool at the park.Photo: I swung by Albertson's after work, and as I was leaving.. this cardboard display cracked me up.Photo: "Is that a Titalist?"Photo: I recently started using an unofficial version of Android 4.0 on my phone, and have been using the stock camera program.  I wanted to capture the clouds in this sunset shot, so I finally started playing with the exposure levels.  I'm glad I did :)Photo: Someone lost their mood ring at the park.. and have no idea how they feel about that.Photo: The frost on my grapes as they adjusted to the warm air looked pretty cool in the light, I thought.Photo: "Can you hear tree now?"Photo: Good mornin', good mornin'...Photo: The dressing rooms in the San Clemente Target are, evidently, the site of a rift in time...Photo: My neighborhood streets are a cheetah.Photo: I guess I'm not feeling very picture-y this week.  A last-minute glimpse of a hanging shirt.Photo: Took a trip through Costco with my dad after putting in an order for new tires on my car... probably the first time I've gone on a venture with him like this in over a decade.Photo: Forgot Tuesday's shot.. I guess my mind's a little FRACTURED lately. *rimshot*Photo: A good ol' pal gave me this good ol' pal many years ago, and I caught glimpse of his good ol' smile in the mirror as I woke up this morning... and smiled, myself.Photo: I don't have tiny hands.Photo: I liked how eery this cute little lamp seemed... peering at me from above.Photo: Just put a Band-Aid on it.Photo: A great battle happened here...Photo: Early morning mist gathering on the window.Photo: My bread is quotation marks.Photo: The Chalk Doc'.  I'm going to have to keep an eye out on the neighborhood kids' street drawings from now on... they might be trying to tell us something about a certain madman in a box.Photo: "Pfft, not my problem..."Photo: "Stars upon thars..."Photo: Because of said construction, I took a more scenic route back home (along the non-sidewalked side of Calle Frontera).Photo: There is a big dose of road construction going on in my neighborhood, and for the last couple of days I've seen this pooch hanging out in his owner's truck while the owner drops off big equipment.  The dog wasn't too sure about me being so close...Photo: Ah, 7:30 AM ;)Photo: Ah, 5:30 AM..Photo: During my first visit to the CSUF campus, for my transfer student orientation, I found an ancient device... something I haven't seen in a long time.Photo: We have some cleaning to do...Photo: My back-seat driver.Photo: Life's a little rough around the edges...Photo: ...the bombs bursting in air.Photo: Haha, this is one of my favorite little friends, Mochi, vigorously enjoying a carrot.  I considered trying to get another shot, but this captures the mood far too well.. and it makes me laugh :)Photo: Another leaving-work capture.. gorgeous.Photo: Signs for life..Photo: Sometimes I see some really pretty things when leaving work.  That light was gone by the time I got into my car - it only lasted moments, and I'm glad I caught it.Photo: "Hook.  Hook.  HOOOOK!"Photo: My week's been dull, sitting in my room resting as much as I can to keep illness at bay.Photo: My fridge is, apparently, the inspiration for a Katy Perry song.Photo: I couldn't capture it well, but I liked the reflected-light off of these CD cases.Photo: My day consisted of nothing but Breaking Bad, the Internet, and my PS3.Photo: When one starts to feel under the weather, a trip to In-n-Out after work is just what the doctor ordered.Photo: There is a massive tree that sheds these at the park where I work out, but with the adjoining school being on summer break, there's been nobody to disturb them.  It was a beautiful ocean of yellow.. this is only a small portion of it.Photo: After dinner at Knott's for a friend's birthday, I found this wonderful shot.  With the barbed wire, the warning, and the mess of wood planks, it all looked so ominous.Photo: The moon was peering into my bedroom, that creep.Photo: My headphones must've liked what I was listening to earlier..Photo: All Star Rainbow.Photo: It's rare to catch water flowing from this drain (it's on my street, but not downhill from a street above.. so the water must've come from the house right behind it).. and I think it caught the morning light quite well.Photo: Old and New.Photo: At first I thought it looked like a Dalek, then I saw the picture and realized it looks like a...Photo: A city of stone.Photo: I was invited to a roly-poly meetingPhoto: A remnant from the night before, I came into work to find this lovely little display in the free-build area.  I laughed very hard before taking my picture.  A peg-legged man bringing a popsicle to an angry female head in a jar.

Doesn't get much better than that :)Photo: Heart of Poop.
The Bird Crap Rises.Photo: To make up for missing June 12.  This is an extra shot from the day before - of someone who, apparently, HATES their current cable/phone service.Photo: OMG, I found gold at the park!  Okay, so it was actually just fake gold leftover in the sandbox from a "digging for gold" thing that some moms were setting up for their kids a couple of days before (I'm assuming for a last-day-of-school party).Photo: At Lego, we shred the evidence.Photo: Today my ol' friend Nick married the wonderful Bree... and it was one heck of a fun wedding.  There were a lot of interesting photo opportunities, but I was really too busy dancing and having a fun time.  I loved their "guest book," though, so I did sneak away to snap a shot of it :)Photo: A customer came into work wanting to recreate a Minecraft treasure chest, and I spent maybe an hour helping her.  I'm really impressed with how well it turned out, since we were working with our limited selection of pieces (and what I could scrounge from the back).Photo: Leaving the park after a workout, I glanced up and fell in love with the site.  It was like a spider web, and the sun shining from above lit up the leaves beautifully.Photo: This 2-inch moth was just taking a nap outside of my front door.Photo: I was about to start my workout at the park, when I saw that Ian was right... "life will find a way."Photo: I struggled capturing it, but I quite liked the pretty blue petals that had fallen on one of my neighbor's grass.Photo: One of my co-workers disappointingly decided to make the horrible choice of taking his own life this weekend.Photo: He was alive.. but calm enough for me to get pretty darn close.Photo: Walking home from my workout, every sprinkler was topped with a rainbow.Photo: She walked ahead of him, but they were still talking :)Photo: It was hard to get a good frame of it, but I loved the juxtaposition of the fresh, bright green trees and the pale, browned hills behind them.Photo: I entirely forgot to snap a shot from yesterday, so I grabbed two today.  I hate it when that happens, but I was cleaning my room all day, and I just kept forgetting.

I guess my brain's just filled with cobwebs!  *rimshot*Photo: Two bushes intertwined, if the different-colored flowers are any indication.Photo: I liked how the city lights peeked at me through the kitchen windows.Photo: Nighttime at the ATM, I loved the descending arches from my point of view.  I wish it'd turned out better.Photo: It took me a moment to realize that the interior lights weren't on... the sunroof was just open.Photo: Perspective, dear.. it's all in the perspective.Photo: The forest grows quickly.Photo: Sometimes I have a hard time finding an interesting shot... but that's why I have a foil ball.Photo: Face-down in the middle of the road.Photo: I miss the old blue-on-yellow license plates, too.Photo: During an after-work hangout with my friend, Davey, we discovered a new patch of grass in front of the Spectrum's ferris wheel.Photo: A pal popped a tire near my house late Thursday night, so I helped her get settled into a nearby hotel for the night.  We discovered a graveyard of old TV's in the hallway.Photo: They didn't just cut this tree down... they massacred it.Photo: I think the watch-repair kiosk in the mall is a bit confused on what season we're in.Photo: In reality, this situation would not be funny.  In warning-label form, it's hilarious every time.Photo: Whoops.Photo: It's Mother's Day.. so I was drawn to something a little less masculine.Photo: Macro-evolutionists latest guess?  Birds evolved from leaves.Photo: Either my neighbor's trashcan was covered in glitter spraypaint, or it's a vampire.  Team Edward!Photo: By the monkey bars where I workout, this section of dirt has been under water for awhile.  Today I discovered the water had finally dissipated, and someone had made marks in the mud.. with mysterious blackness underneath.Photo: Some Netflix TV episode screen-grabs are better than others.Photo: The entire right half of the sky was an ominous wave of cloud.Photo: Why I thought the angles and variant lighting of the mall's parking structure stairway was interesting, I couldn't say.. but I guess it kind of is :)Photo: Gahh.. I didn't realize until afterward that this shot was blurred.  That's my friend's recently fixed-up Nova - he's had it since I met him in high school.Photo: Pulled into the garage about 11:30pm, after work and a birthday dinner for a co-worker, and discovered a bird had entered with me.  He's perched atop the garage door opener, between the two lights.  It took a little while, but I got him out through the side door.Photo: I already took a shot of this part of the yard just two days ago, but I noticed the beautiful contrast of the morning light and shadow, so I had to.  HAD to.Photo: One of these things is not like the other.  Discovered before an opening shift at work.Photo: This was in our front yard this morning.. a discarded nest, it seems.Photo: Nature's closet.Photo: A non-photobomb photobomb.Photo: My morning view: the ceiling from my floor-bed.Photo: "Forget this, I'm outta here..."Photo: This was just a big, round bush of these flowers, but I couldn't capture it to my satisfaction, so I just took this close-up.Photo: He was much happier looking than he looks here.. really.Photo: The new Lego Friends line teaches girls about friendship, fine motor skills, and walking on water.Photo: Those darn gangs are ruining this city.. now they're even tagging on the road!Photo: After an early-morning truck shift in the bowels of the Mission Viejo mall, the sun often shines brighter than usual.Photo: Soon...Photo: A neighbor's yard has been a little ignored as they work inside.. but I like how it looked at dusk.Photo: "Take that, sucka!" said the sprinkler to the tree.Photo: Bombs in Boston, fertilizer factory explosion in Texas, flags at half-mast on the Saddleback campus.Photo: Well, that was a quick spring, and we skipped summer entirely, because apparently, it's already fall.Photo: Out for a late jog, there was still a remnant of daylight in the sky.  I like that the sky, combined with the shadows of the streetlight, give it a natural vignette.Photo: Today bombs went off in Boston, killing and injuring marathon bystanders.  I went to the park to workout, and this lone flower in the middle of the empty field caught my eye.  I don't know how it ended up there, all by itself, but it was beautiful.. so forgive another grassy nature shot, but this one was a very special find.Photo: From my front yard.. it almost looks like aerial photography of jungle meets urbanization.Photo: I was gorilla-running through the grass at the park, when I noticed the ladybugs had come out to play, too.Photo: My carpet looks like a microscopic few of something biological and interesting.Photo: Is it just me, or is that canon-firing soldier aiming pretty close to his own man.  Maybe the target stole the shooter's chicken leg.Photo: Apparently there's something very interesting to the right that I didn't bother to take a picture of.Photo: I was heading over the bridge to a co-worker's birthday bonfire at Doheny, and I loved the way the setting sun was lighting up the rails.Photo: Walking back from working out at the park, I glanced up to catch a fun angle on the crosswalk light.Photo: My other car.. is small and red.Photo: This is an ad for the new Claire's that is under construction in the mall.  This is a pig with painted nails and pixelated glasses on its head.  This is madness :)Photo: I saw an interesting coloration of some bushes on the hill during my walk/jog today, but as I climbed up a bit to get a better look, I saw this bleached shell at my feet - and a better shot was found :)Photo: "Excuse me, while I fix the sky..."Photo: Mother's watching you, Norman...Photo: Someone decided it was time to shave clean, again.  Either that, or I blew up a cat.Photo: Well, I (once again) failed to take a picture yesterday, so this is my bonus make-up shot from tonight.  Allergy season has hit me kinda hard, so I didn't do anything on Easter but lounge around and watch TV (hence the missed picture), and I've been blowing my nose like a madman (hence the artistically overflowing trash can).Photo: A glass of water sitting on my desk made for an interesting lens to shoot through.Photo: One of my managers, Leigha, came up with an idea to have a "Star of the month" at work.. and my name was drawn to be first.  Since we weren't going to be open for Easter, I was already up on the backroom wall during our closing shift.Photo: After doing dips, I bent down (with my butt out) to stretch my back a bit, and this was my point of view.Photo: I totally forgot to snap a shot for today, so I'm using an unused shot from the previous day to keep numbers even.  This is a view of the sidewalk on Hermosa, between my house and the park I workout at.Photo: While heading to workout, I was joined by the neighborhood wanderer, Sugar.  She'd stop and sniff, then playfully bolt after me to catch up.  I had to leave her behind at the gate out of the neighborhood, and kept an eye out to make sure she didn't sneak through.Photo: My screen printing class quickly turned into a ghost town, today.  Every time I went back into the room, there were fewer and fewer people.  This is what happens on pre-project day, when there isn't much lab work to do.

Lil' Annie is on her way back to Oregon, today, so she wasn't there, either.Photo: A very tired morning (seasonal allergies taking my down again?) coupled with some creative annoyances (solved) put me in a less-than-stellar mood.. so I gave myself a boost by taking myself outside for a late jog.

The moon was high above, bright and blurred by clouds, and I found this great shot with it opposite a street lamp.Photo: My pal, Davey, isn't well.. so as I hung my apron over his at work, I saw a fitting tribute.Photo: Another after-midnight shot, from just outside of my neighborhood as I came home from a game night out with friends.Photo: 50% off day at work produced a Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear of bagged product that went home with me.  Only the Baby Bear belongs to me, though... because it was juuuust right.Photo: I was pleased to see this sign as I walked out of the mall, since going in and out of work is a real pain when a pack of smokers is out there.  The lady standing among the bushes a good distance away looked less thrilled as she puffed on her cigarette.Photo: I spent the day at Disneyland (for free, because that's the only way I go, now) sending off a friend before she moves, and I took a few great shots, but this is my choice for the day because it's not as obvious.  I just happened to peek behind a window background, and caught this view of Lincoln gazing out onto Main Street.  I realized it's also a "Booth angle" and that made it all the more interesting.Photo: This fruit/thing is long past its prime, but what made it catch my eye was the streak on the sidewalk behind it.. no doubt left as someone dragged it across the cement with their foot.Photo: Technically this was taken past midnight, but it was before I went to bed for the day, so that counts in my book.  A coworker had recently commented that when I do this with my lips it makes my mouth disappear.. so I took a picture of it.  My beard is getting so much more colorful, too.  Because of age, I'm getting more random white strands, I still have random little red ones as I always have, and because of the sun, my mustache is bleaching to a lighter tone.Photo: I was at the park doing my morning workout and noticed these great, weathered roots of a nearby tree.Photo: This evening I visited the set where they're shooting the script I wrote, The Final Human.  Their location was right behind the Saddleback campus, and after making my way down a steep hill, I looked up and caught a great shot.Photo: It was really foggy this morning, and this sparkling bulb of dew caught my eye as I walked home from my workout.Photo: Now that my screen printng partner is no longer carpooling with me to class, Ollie the orangutan has taken back his spot in my passenger seat.Photo: That tree back there may seem innocent enough, but when it feels like dropping a branch.. well, let's just say those bars learned their lesson.Photo: It's only a house centipede, and they're a good thing to have around because they eat up the critters you DON'T want around... but seeing them race across the room at 92mph can be unsettling.  This stood nice and still for me, though.Photo: Taking the empty boxes from our morning truck delivery up to the recycling bin, today, I noticed a little something was different.. the giant trash compactor was gone.  How giant?  Well, it's about the size of that Fed Ex truck over there.  David Copperfield's at it again, apparently.Photo: I stepped into the backyard to warm myself up a bit in the sun, and apparently I wasn't the only one with that idea...Photo: Acting class really sucked the energy out of me today (not because I was acting my heart out, either), so I really didn't feel like doing anything, let alone working.. but I did.  This is my shadow on the way to do so.  I took another, posed shot when I was there, but the vibrance of this one made it my choice for today's shot.Photo: I love this picture.  Coming around a corner during my morning walk, I saw this huge mass of clouds looming, and I had to capture it.  What really made it stand out is just how blue the surrounding sky is.Photo: Since I wasn't thrilled with yesterday's shot, and since I totally forgot to grab a picture Monday, here's a bonus take for today.  This pretty little drop caught my eye as I went to grab the newspaper from my driveway before work.Photo: After 2 weeks of breathing/chest issues, I finally got back to my morning workout today.  Apparently it's Roly Poly Day, because I saw about a billion of 'em on my way to the park.  After losing focus a number of times (they were brisk walkers), I finally snapped this guy heading down into the gutter.Photo: I don't like this picture, but it's here.  These colored circles were hanging from a kiosk in the middle of the mall, and it looked like a cool photo opportunity, but nothing I tried (angle, framing) made it interesting.Photo: Strolling through the mall with my friend Annie after our screen printing class, I found a fun angle of the line that was set up for our Lego store's monthly minibuild event later that day.Photo: The sky was a curious mix of ominous and serene when I went out for my morning walk today.Photo: I'm sort of starting this project out with a look at some Mark-defining things.. maybe I'll keep that going!  Today's shot is from the steering wheel of my 18-year-old car as I sat in the warm sun enjoying what was a lovely, lovely day.  I wanted to grab a shot of a gal's scarf in my acting class, but it didn't pan out.Photo: Waiting for an 8am truck-delivery at work (that didn't show until noon), I started this project off with a view of the Lego store that our patrons don't get.  This is where we spy on you from during our breaks :)