29 Photos - Oct 28, 2012
Photo: Last week we headed to Walmart just to pick up a few things, including the new Del Monte Diced Apples & Pears with Caramel Flavor and Diced Pears with Vanilla & Spice.Photo: My shopping list. I didn't need to get much, just the Del Monte #SmartSnacks and a few things for my pasta recipe I was making.Photo: The first thing that greeted us in the store were these pretty fall mums.Photo: They had a bunch of cute Halloween pajamas and tshirts right at the front of the store.Photo: My daughter wants one of these bad. David even asked if we could get her one while we were there. What a good little brother.Photo: A whole display of pumpkin foods. The Pumpkin caramel delight looked good.Photo: Holiday chocolate chips. Yum!Photo: I saw this last bag of caramel bits and bought them to make my turtle cookies again.Photo: Finally reached the fruit aisle. The Diced pears were on the top shelf. (I hate top shelf items, when you are short, you can't reach!)Photo: A closer shot of the Diced pears with vanilla and spice.Photo: I thought the fruit crisps and parfait sounded really good, too.Photo: I love caramel, so I was excited to try this flavor.Photo: Next time I go to the store I think I want to try these.Photo: or these, since apples are one of the only fruits I eat.Photo: My husband would love these peach crisps.Photo: Hard to believe there are this many varieties of fruit snacks.Photo: Seeing this display of oatmeal made me remember that I forgot to add oatmeal to my list! Sometimes displays are helpful!Photo: Ran over to the oatmeal aisle to grab some oatmeal for the kids.Photo: I ended up going with the Great Value cream packPhoto: Walmart is gearing up for Thanksgiving!Photo: Needed some fresh basil. So mad that my plant died! I definitely do not have a green thumb!Photo: Needed two lemons for my pasta recipe as well.Photo: They didn't have any fresh parmesan-reggiano cheese so I had to walk all the way back to the pasta aisle and get non fresh.Photo: This cake looked really yummy.Photo: I'm having a Spider-man party this week and the cake would go perfectly.Photo: Pretty fall cakes.Photo: Sorry for the blur. This is the brand I ended up buying.Photo: This is what the kids' lunches looked like with the Del Monte #SmartSnack. Unfortunately they have a hard time opening them at school and don't get a lot of time to eat. My daughter got them open and liked them but couldn't finish because of time. My son didn't even try.Photo: All of my kids have tried the Del Monte Snacks and like them. I have a texture issue that I can't get past. The flavor is fine to me, but I don't like pears texture so I can't handle eating these.