23 Photos - Aug 19, 2013
Photo: All opinions for this #shop are my own. #CAMPAIGN #cbiasPhoto: So I wanted to go check out this Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in Washington DC to see what kinds of services they offered.Photo: When I walked in, the first thing I saw were the escalators and a sign directing people upstairs to the Healthcare Clinic.Photo: We had to take the elevator because I had my 3 boys with me. Even in the elevator, they had signs posted. You totally couldn't get lost. LOLPhoto: Photo: While in the elevator, I saw more ads for the types of services they do at the clinic. Great advertising!Photo: Immediately after coming out of the elevator, we saw the Healthcare Clinic to the right.Photo: I was impressed with how spacious the clinic was.Photo: It was very convenient for people to pick up prescriptions at the kiosks, too!Photo: Everywhere I looked, there were displays of health information. Here was a display with some walking canes.Photo: The one-pager that I had to fill out, TWICE, to get my blood pressure checked, and one for a body fat analysis.Photo: It was easy to see who's medication was ready to be picked up. And there were lost of brochures on the table.Photo: I loved this sing in the waiting room: "The groundwork of all happiness is health." Amen to that!Photo: I was impressed that so many services were offered for $35 or less!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Having a pharmacist right there on call to answer any questions you have, or to take your blog pressure, was great!Photo: Lollipop distract the kids while I waited.Photo: There I am waiting for my blood pressure and body fat analysis.Photo: Getting a body fat analysis. It only cost $15 and my flexible spending account through my job paid for the cost.Photo: This is my "shocked" fat because I am just a little too "over fat." Time to eat healthier and get moving!