17 Photos - Nov 30, 2014
Photo: "They have a CAVE troll!" - Fellowship of the Ring - Moria goblin includedPhoto: Captain Faramir, Gondorian Ranger and Easterling - Two TowersPhoto: Death of Haldir - at Helm's Deep - The Two TowersPhoto: "And Rohan will Answer" - King Theoden.  Gondor calls for aid - Aragorn, Gambling, and Eomer. The Return of the KingPhoto: Into the West - Gandalf the White and Bilbo - The Return of the King/Fellowship - Gandalf's staff can be re-glued.Photo: Duel at Orthanc - Gandalf the Gray and Saruman - Fellowship of the RingPhoto: Frodo, Gollum and Treebeard collectionPhoto: "Meat's back on the menu"  Ugluck and Grishnak -
Uruk and Orc, The Two TowersPhoto: Frodo and Sam depart the fellowship - Fellowship of the RingPhoto: Death of Boromir - Lurtz and Boromir - The Fellowship of the RingPhoto: "You need more men!"  Elrond.  Aragorn and the King of the Dead - The Return of the KingPhoto: "43" - Gimli and Legolas debate their kills at Helm's Deep - both claim to have the best score.  Berserker with axe.  Two TowersPhoto: "The Meaning of Haste" - Gandalf, Shadowfax, and Merry and Pippin - Return of the King.  This Merry and Pippin seem to belong originally to the Weathertop scene.Photo: "Come and claim him!"  Arwen and wounded Frodo confront the Black Rider - Fellowship of the RingPhoto: "He took a little tumble off the cliff"  Warg rider Sharku believes he killed Aragorn - Fellowship of the RingPhoto: "Forbidden Pool"  Gollum collectible statue from the DVD collection - The Two TowersPhoto: "South it is then!"  Treebeard agrees to take Merry and Pippin to Isengard.  Huge Treebeard even talks! The Two Towers.