54 Photos - Dec 22, 2014
Photo: Arrow CrabPhoto: Arrow CrabPhoto: School of Blue Tangs (with divers)Photo: Sponge Brittle StarPhoto: Christmastree WormPhoto: Christmas Tree WormPhoto: CoralPhoto: CoralPhoto: CoralPhoto: Photo: Photo: CowfishPhoto: Cowfish in spongePhoto: DamselfishPhoto: Eagle RayPhoto: Eagle RayPhoto: Eagle RayPhoto: Ealgle RayPhoto: Flamingo ToungePhoto: Foureye ButterflyfishPhoto: Golden Moray EelPhoto: Golden RayPhoto: Green Moray EelPhoto: Green Moray EelPhoto: Grey AngelfishPhoto: Harelequin PipefishPhoto: Juvenile Scrawled FilefishPhoto: Juvenile Scrawled FilefishPhoto: Juvenile Spotted DrumfishPhoto: Photo: Octopus on a night divePhoto: Octopus lunching on conchPhoto: Peacock FlounderPhoto: PipefishPhoto: Pipehorse fishPhoto: PorcupinefishPhoto: Pufferfish with troops in formationPhoto: Queen AngelfishPhoto: Queen AngelfishPhoto: Queen AngelfishPhoto: Photo: Reticulated Brittle Star - a very shy animal that I just spotted by chance as I peered under the spongePhoto: Scrawled FilefishPhoto: Splendid ToadfishPhoto: Splendid ToadfishPhoto: Splendid ToadfishPhoto: Splendid ToadfishPhoto: SpongesPhoto: Spotted DrumfishPhoto: Spotted Moray EelPhoto: Spotted TrunkfishPhoto: Squat Anenone ShrimpPhoto: TrumpetfishPhoto: Turtle