57 Photos - Jan 19, 2009
Photo: Sunset from The Reef House
South Coast RoatanPhoto: Photo: Sand DiverPhoto: Spotted EelPhoto: ShrimpPhoto: Same ShrimpPhoto: Photo: ShrimpPhoto: Large intriguing spongePhoto: Photo: Yet Another ShrimpPhoto: Photo: Amazing CrabPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Flamingo TonguesPhoto: Two Flamingo TonguesPhoto: Photo: ToadfishPhoto: Photo: CrabPhoto: Slender Filefish behind fan coralPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: French AngelfishPhoto: Sea AnemonePhoto: FilefishPhoto: Photo: Sea AnemonePhoto: Photo: Two ShrimpPhoto: Photo: Queen AngelfishPhoto: Hogfish (night dive)Photo: Photo: Scorpionfish - looks like coral; in the upper right, head close to the centre of the picturePhoto: Octopus - night divePhoto: Goatfish (night dive)Photo: Hawkbill turtle just after releasePhoto: Photo: Shrimp on coralPhoto: TrumpetfishPhoto: Photo: Photo: Crab-in-a-spongePhoto: Yet Another CrabPhoto: Photo: Photo: NudibranchPhoto: Whitespotted Filefish (orange phase)Photo: Nurse SharkPhoto: Sea AnemonePhoto: There's supposed to be a seahorse in here!Photo: Flamingo Tongue