49 Photos - Dec 7, 2013
Photo: 'I'm Happy!' Photo by Terria Brewer.Photo: 'Yea! No more climbing' Photo by Kai WiedmanPhoto: 'Ponderosa Camp / Nacimento Ferguson Road' Photo by Kai WiedmanPhoto: 'Race to the TOP' Photo by Linda VanderhulePhoto: 'Tony Adams and the Wheelers' Photo by Linda VanderhulePhoto: 'GrandFondo 2013 - Relaxing at Portuguese Beach' Photo by Reiner MuellerPhoto: 'John Trom calling VISA to cancel credit cards after having his pocket-picked on the Barcelona Metro' Photo by William BonDurantPhoto: 'John Trom just before having his pocket-picked on the Barcelona Metro' Photo by William BonDurantPhoto: 'Minarets on the Sierra Vista National Scenic Byway' Photo by Steve ProtheroPhoto: 'Bike at the beach' Photo by Cindy AsrirPhoto: 'Bike by the bridge' Photo by Cindy AsrirPhoto: 'Cat and Dog can ride together!' Photo by Reiner MuellerPhoto: 'Last night's sunset' Photo by Annette HerzPhoto: 'Bunnies & Bears say, "We're ready ... let's GO!!"' Photo by Vicki PeltonPhoto: 'Morgan Territory climb, 2013 Tour of California' Photo by Ron Dell'AquilaPhoto: 'Spot the Smiling Dog, Spello, Italy' Photo by Gillian KhooPhoto: 'Guy barbecuing our dinner, 2013 Slow Death Ride' Photo by Ron Dell'AquilaPhoto: 'Eastern Sierra trip, at start of ride to Whitney Portal' Photo by Brian FeinbergPhoto: 'View of descending rider on Horseshoe Meadows' Photo by Brian FeinbergPhoto: 'Freewheelin' West Old La Honda with Rao and Memories of Route 66' Photo by Ron HornPhoto: '100% Grade Climb at Big Basin; just following the route sheet' Photo by Marshall JacksonPhoto: 'Dominated the Denomination!' Photo by Judy Czeropski-HomenPhoto: 'Does my wheel look true to you?' Photo by Marshall JacksonPhoto: 'Nancy grinds up Rock Creek Road, Western Wheelers Eastern Sierra Escape Tour, Sept. 11, 2013' Photo by Bob WilliamsPhoto: 'Barolo wine country, northwestern Italy' Photo by Michael KhawPhoto: 'City of Mondovì, northwestern Italy' Photo by Michael KhawPhoto: 'Cycling in the shadow of Mt. Whitney' Photo by Jeff OrumPhoto: 'Not quite E.T.' Photo by Jessica LaCiclistaPhoto: 'This is why we ride' Photo by Terria BrewerPhoto: 'Blending in with early Spring' Photo by Eduardo AbePhoto: 'Single trail' Photo by Eduardo AbePhoto: 'Hog Canyon near Paso Robles' Photo by Howard ShaferPhoto: .I hear bison can weigh 3000 pounds; let's not annoy them' Photo by Howard ShaferPhoto: 'Autumn leaf: Lunch Time in the Fall at Los Gatos Square' Photo by Samir AboulhoudaPhoto: 'Summer Foliage: Ride in the Summer at Native Son Road' Photo by Samir AboulhoudaPhoto: 'Ron is happy at 40 ... mph, that is' Photo by Randal BraunPhoto: 'Slowwww Death Ride 2013 - Perfect Pecks for a Peak Performance!' Photo by Guy ShumanPhoto: 'Raucous Rider Regroup' Photo by Guy ShumanPhoto: 'Cycling in the Sonoran Desert' Photo by Jeff OrumPhoto: 'Big Pine Creek Area, Inyo National Forest' Photo by Ana SarosiekPhoto: 'Big Pine, Waucoba Rd/Death Valley Road' Photo by Ana SarosiekPhoto: 'Public Transportation, Eigth Ave., NYC.' Photo by Dave SteinPhoto: 'Lake Ijsselmeer Ferry in The Netherlands' Photo by Fred ButtsPhoto: 'Descending Page Mill in the evening light' Photo by Robert SextonPhoto: 'Windmills in The Netherlands' Photo by Fred ButtsPhoto: 'Rental bikes in Barcelona, Spain' Photo by Judith ButtsPhoto: 'Bicycle Mosaic with Artist Kate Hartley, North Creek, NY' Photo by Dave SteinPhoto: 'A river runs thru it. Bryce Canyon, Utah' Photo by Gary VirshupPhoto: 'Early morning sunrise thru bike frame, outside of Hanksville, Utah' Photo by Gary Virshup