34 Photos - Dec 7, 2013
Photo: Judith Butts climbing Pine Creek Rd. Fred ButtsPhoto: Betty Deluco on Death Valley Rd. Bob McNamaraPhoto: Hisako Coombes flees rain on Onion Valley Rd. Donna MatthewsPhoto: Dick & Donna Matthews descending Onion Valley Rd.  Bob McNamaraPhoto: Fall Tree Tunnel. Fairfax. Linda VanderhulePhoto: Where Am I? Larkspur. Linda VanderhulePhoto: Recovery ride. Cheryl ProtheroPhoto: Houseboat in Bodega Bay.  Ricki McGlashanPhoto: The lone leader in the camera spotlight. Norbert KappelPhoto: Dominoes. Jessica HPhoto: Chris Horner, Team Radio Shack, smiling up Sierra Grade on the way to victory on the 2011 Tour of California. Photo by Ron Dell'AquilaPhoto: Ebbett's summit during the 2011 Western Wheeler Slow Death Ride. Photo by Ron Dell'AquilaPhoto: Vicki PeltonPhoto: Plant Bike. Vicki PeltonPhoto: Bike rack at DeYoung Museum. Ricki McGlashanPhoto: See...  I told you there was drinking water available at Monitor Pass! Guy ShumanPhoto: Behold, the avenue of the Giants! (California Climate Ride Oct, 2011) David CoalePhoto: Storm Rider (California Climate Ride Oct, 2011) David CoalePhoto: Rider of the Storm (California Climate Ride Oct, 2011) David CoalePhoto: Rejoice, the Bridge back home after 320 miles and lots of rain. (California Climate Ride, Oct, 2011) David CoalePhoto: Andy & Elaine on the San Francisco Bay Trail, April 3, 2011. Ken LeePhoto: Chris, Levi, and Andy climbing Sierra Road, May 18, 2011. Ken LeePhoto: We came down Mt. hamilton faster than we went up. Howard ShaferPhoto: Sequoia Smiles. Pete LetchworthPhoto: B's Knees. Pete LetchworthPhoto: Up and "OVER" Ebbetts Pass. Martha LandisPhoto: Tour de France Winner: 2031. Howard ShaferPhoto: Gassing up! Shine ValderramaPhoto: Sierra to Sea. Camping at the delta town of Ryde. Paul WendtPhoto: Sonoma Coast. Paul WendtPhoto: Sonoma Coast. Paul WendtPhoto: Trigonometry Lesson. Jessica HPhoto: It’s just around the next corner, dear.” (Taken while cycling on the Icefield Parkway near Jasper, Alberta, Canada, July 2011.) Karen SeawardPhoto: Yes, you can fit two bike boxes, two bikes, two suit cases, a dog, a bear, and two cyclists in a Dodge Caravan.” (Rented for cycling the Icefield Parkway between Jasper and Banff, Alberta, Canada, July 2011.) Karen Seaward