46 Photos - Jun 15, 2013
Photo: Me out front canoeing in the inflatible canoe.Photo: Looking back at Steve who wasn't rowing anymore and taking pictures. :(Photo: Steve taking a shot of himself now.Photo: Him with his thumbs up - he had been in bed for a long while after injuring his back, so this was one of his first days feeling not half-bad, so that's why we went out to the lake.Photo: Me sticking my tongue out.Photo: Talking to Steve while taking a break from canoeing.  I couldn't canoe while Steve was taking pictures - we'd end up in circles. Typical!Photo: The view of the Charleston Lake shore behind us.Photo: Another shot of the Charleston Lake shore.Photo: Taking a panoramic picture of me talking to him.Photo: Me adjusting my sunglasses. :\Photo: A close up of a dragonfly on a tree, when we went out hiking in one of the trails.Photo: A close up shot of the dragonfly.Photo: The sun over some leaves.Photo: Steve grinning for the camera.Photo: Some shadows and greenery around us.Photo: More light over the leaves - those are pretty cool for me to see, so different. :)  Makes everything kind of glow.Photo: Some greens while walking by.Photo: The sun through the greenery.Photo: Steve filming a spider web.Photo: Now I have the chance to shoot the spiderweb.Photo: A vertical shot of the spiderweb.Photo: Some leaves on the ground.Photo: Some tree trunks on the ground in the sun.Photo: More leaves under the sun.Photo: A rock on the ground.Photo: A strange, half broken tree trunk.Photo: The sky and trees all around us.Photo: Me tugging on a rope that just appeared out of nowhere. ;)Photo: Steve trying his best to pull it as well.Photo: Now you can see what we were tugging on - a rope that was tied around two trees. :) Silly, that's for sure!Photo: A close up of a honeysuckle flower (I actually bit off the top part of one flower after Steve encouraged me - it was like honey - which was so weird for me to do!). You can see me sitting behind it.Photo: My shot of a honeysuckle flower. I was using Steve's camera so it took some practice using his camera as I was not used to it.Photo: The nature with sunlight streaming through it.Photo: Steve walking along a creek.Photo: A tree with several sharp branches sticking out of it.Photo: Two hollow logs laying on the ground by the hiking trails.Photo: A weird looking mushroom with a bunch of baby mushrooms - I think? :)Photo: Another shot of the big mushroom with the baby mushrooms under it.Photo: Another shot of a different kind of wildflower.Photo: A very interesting sight that we stumbled upon - a tree stump with dried out mushrooms growing out of it.Photo: Another shot of the tree stump with mushrooms.Photo: Steve reaching out to the top of the cliff. Quite tall. ;)Photo: Here I am reaching up on the same cliff. :)Photo: Some red leaves among the green ones.Photo: Some more honeysuckle flowers against tree trunks.Photo: An odd tree trunk in the end of our hike.